Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mysterious #Ohio: The Mansfield Blockhouse

Mysterious Ohio
The Mansfield, Ohio Blockhouse

Welcome back to Mysterious Ohio. This week we are taking a trip to the town in my children's book, Hoppy's Grave, known as Mansfield, Ohio. 

Mansfield is the largest city in the "Mid-Ohio" region of Ohio. This region is made up of Marion, Delaware, Knox, Morrow, Crawford, Ashland and Richland counties to the south and the Firelands area located south of Sandusky. 

Mansfield  was founded in 1808  by James Hedges, Jacob Newman and Joseph Larwill on a fork of the Mohican River. Mansfield became a great location for farmers due to the fertile soil, despite the hilly landscape. Later, residents of the city would name the establish Mansfield after Jared Mansfield, the Colonel Surveyor General who had directed the planning of the city. The first house was a log cabin built by Samuel Martin. Mr. Martin was the first settler in Mansfield. He made a living by selling whisky to the Native Americans while living in the cabin during the winters months. Yet, his actions were highly illegal. Thus, he fled his cabin and the following year, 1809, James Cunningham moved in. There were less than a dozen settlers in Mansfield when Mr. Cunningham settled in. The lack of settlers in Mansfield was largely due to the fact that Ohio was still largely wilderness.

During the war of 1812, the residents constructed a wooden blockhouse that could be used to protect them in case a battle occurred in their newly established town. It wasn't uncommon for residents throughout Ohio towns to construct blockhouses and stockades to protect them. What makes the one in Mansfield so significant is that it is the only blockhouse from 1812 still erect today in the entire region. The blockhouse was a two story wooden structure built of squared logs. It had several loopholes where men could shoot without being exposed. The blockhouse also had sturdy shutters that were used to close the windows and loopholes. 

It's very mysterious how the blockhouse has survived so long. The blockhouse has been renovated in order to preserve this wonder of cultural history in the region. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

#SundayPost: What is Allison Bruning writing?

What's up with Allison Bruning?

Hello world! Welcome to the July 11, 2017 edition of the Sunday Post. The Sunday Post is where my readers can view where each of my projects are at in the prewriting - writing and publishing stages. This section is updated on a weekly basis. 


Blood Red, Blood Dread
Horror - Marion, Ohio
I had started this project a few years ago but left it sitting on the shelf. It is based on a local ghost story from my hometown - Marion, Ohio. I am currently in the plotting process. 

Works in Progress

Field of Grace 
Historical Fiction - 1919- Marion, Ohio
It's been a slow writing week for me due to the extreme heat we've been experiencing lately in West Texas. Our temperatures have been up in the 100's. It's supposed to be the same this upcoming week. Be that as it may, I have had some time to write. 
WORD COUNT: 58,649

Krazy Khoda (The Adventures of Krazy Khoda: Book 1)
Children's Book
This is a children's book that I am writing with my husband about the crazy adventures that our dog has. I am currently editing the work my husband did so the words are age appropriate. We want this children's book to be for 1st through 2nd grade. 


Father's Day
Non-Fiction Short

George Washington
Non-Fiction Short

Gifted Education
Non-Fiction Short

The Course of the Corset
Non-Fiction Short


Hoppy's Grave 
Children's Book - Historical Fiction - 1919- Mansfield, Ohio

Upcoming Releases

Father's Day
Non-Fiction Short

George Washington
Non-Fiction Short

Gifted Education
Non-Fiction Short
RELEASE DATE: August 1st

Hoppy's Grave 
Children's Book - Historical Fiction - 1919- Mansfield, Ohio

The Course of the Corset
Non-Fiction Short
RELEASE DATE: September 21


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Allison Bruning's Reader's Corner: A New Way for Fans to Interact With Allison Bruning

Reader's Corner

Welcome to a new section on my blog. Reader's Corner is a special place where my readers can come to discuss books I have written and take part in some of my writing projects. It'll also be the place where I periodically feature giveaways to my readers. You'll want to check this amazing section each week as I bring exciting content to my blog. 

So let's get this party started. 

This week I just have one question:
Which of my characters are your favorite and why?

Friday, June 9, 2017

#CelebratetheSmallThings: Daily Routines

Welcome back to my blog. The Celebrate the Small Things weekly blog hop is a place where bloggers and authors post about the small successes they have had during the week. I like this blog hop because it reminds me to count my blessings. It can be easy to overwhelm ourselves with trying to solve the big goals in our lives. We can become so discouraged when these larger goals loom over our heads and it doesn't seem like we get anywhere. The only way to solve our disappointment is to refocus our thinking. Achieving a larger goal or solving a big problem can only be done when you take small steps towards it. These smaller goals build upon each other like a ladder until lo and behold you have reached your greater goal or solved that big problem.

My Weekly Blessings
This week has been a week of change for me. Good changes. Changes that are helping my businesses, writing and personal life. One of the biggest changes that have happened this week is getting back on a routine. I have always used routines to help me get through the day but for some reason or another I had jumped off that bandwagon. My life was chaotic without them. I established new routines that have actually been helping me with  my time management. I've always have had a problem with time management. I've found if I have a routines in place I tend to operate better. I love a great checklist. I created a list of things I need to do each day in each of my routines. I had learned about the use of control journey from FlyLady. I have time for my writing, teaching, social media, business, cleaning, etc. Even time for me and a date night. 

Nothing in my routine is set in stone timewise like you must wash the car at 10am. It's more like a checklist of things to do. Once I'm done with a task I just go onto the next. The tasks are set out in a morning, afternoon, evening and before bed time frame but that doesn't always mean it happens in those times. And I don't have to complete every task. I close up shop around 7pm, watch TV or do something fun then go to bed at 9pm. I try to wake up around 5am.  I had to keep it flexible because of my teaching schedule. My teaching hours vary from day to day because I teach homeschool students through Outschool. I've noticed since using my routines that I'm actually able to get much more done than I use to. I love it! What a blessing!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Allison's History Corner: Field of Grace by Allison Bruning

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Allison's History Corner. The Allison's History Corner is presented on Tuesday's and Thursday's. Allison's History Corner is a blog series that discusses interesting historical facts that are related to a book I have written or are in the process of writing.

Last Tuesday, I introduced my readers to my new children's book, "Hoppy's Grave" which is in the formatting process. We will be discussing more about different legends, ghost tales and mysterious things that happen in Ohio every Tuesday. 

This week I would like to introduce you to the story I am currently writing, Field of Grace (New Beginnings: Book 1). This story takes place right after WWI in Marion County, Ohio. Guilt ridden, Ida McIntyre doesn't know how she can ever win her father's approval until Jeremiah Miller poisons her family. Determined to prove her worth, Ida sets out to find help only to face Jeremiah's wrath. Faced with life and death decisions that will challenge her strength and determination, what seems to be a simple deed turns into disaster until she realizes there is hope to save not only her family but her father's approval.

The Thursday edition of Allison's History Corner will explore WWI, the Spanish Flu, American Agriculture, Appalachian History, Ohio History and the Salvation Army. Join me next week as we begin our exploration. I can't wait to see all you next week. 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

#IWSG: Writing and the Law of Attraction

The Insecure Writer's Support Group is a monthly blog hop where writers encourage one another in their writing career. This week I have chosen to write about how the Law of Attraction effects all creative writers. The Law of Attraction first appeared in print in 1877 in a book written by Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky but it has been known to humans since ancient times.

What exactly is the Law of Attraction?

Basically, the Law of Attraction states when you think of positive thoughts you will reap positives but if you think negative thoughts then you will only attract negatives in your life. 

OK, I get it. But what does this have to do with me as a writer?

Great question. The Law of Attraction doesn't only work with your thoughts. It also works with your actions. Writers who are constantly encouraging others, are helpful and write because they are passionate about it will attract readers towards them.  Readers aren't stupid. They will stalk the writers they love on social media. They love to google their favorite writer's names and read whatever they find on them. Even better, an author who gives away a signed copy of their book to one of their readers. They in turn tell their friends and family about the amazing experience they had just had. The friends and family, in turn, start following that author. Readers don't want to see negatives on an author's social media sites. They want to live vicariously through their favorite authors. 

Yet, there are some writers who never attract the kind of attention they want to their books. Why? More than likely their social media is filled with negatives. They constantly complain about one thing or another. The worse thing a potential reader wants to see on a writer's social media is when the writer publicly attacks a publishing house, another author or anyone else in the book world. The writer may think they are helping other writers out but all they are doing in the long wrong is damaging their own reputation. 

Which brings me to another point, if the writer receives a bad review never, EVER, respond back to the reviewer. It will only make you look bad. Readers want to know that you can take constructive criticism and apply it to your next literary work. You never know if the person reading the review is going to buy your book or not. They just might because they want to find out for themselves what is so wrong with it. 

Then there are the bully boards. We've all heard about those. Sites such as Absolute Writes, which by the way is by far the worst bully board out there. These boards lure new writers in, promising to give the writer a place to vent their feelings and find valuable resources. YET, it's quite the opposite. Bully boards are a great place for negative authors to tear down publishing houses and authors they don't agree with. The owner of Absolute Writes even go so far to encourage the members to break their nondisclosure agreements, commit slander and libel. There are plenty of warnings from other authors about the abusive tendencies in that group. Just google it. I'm sure you'll find plenty of complaints on that board. I did. Bully boards are just a breeding place for negative writers. Yet, these writers aren't helping anyone. They are only attracting more negativity in their lives. 

If you really want to have a successful writing career then you have to start with your own thoughts and behavior. Be positive. Think positive. And good things will happen for you. Don't view your writing career as burdensome. Enjoy the gift you've been given.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mysterious Ohio: Hoppy's Grave @CampMowana

Hoppy's Grave

A few years ago I shared the legend of Hoppy's Grave on this blog. It has since been removed because I wanted to put it into print. The story of Hoppy, his cave and his hidden grave have been passed down for generations at Camp Mowana. 

Camp Mowana is a wonderful ELCA summer camp that has been a family favorite all over Ohio.

 I was a camper there in the 80's and early 90's. I was head over heels in love with the camp. I have always been drawn to the forest. I spent more times hiking around the woods instead of playing with dolls or makeup. Camp Mowana was a mystical place for me where I learned to merge my love of nature with my faith. I loved being able to do a devotional out in the woods, the campfires, hikes, playing capture the flag in a large field, canoeing, and listening to the stories. 

This year, I decided to do something that hasn't ever been done. Put the legend of Hoppy in a book. I was going to write it as an adult book but then decided it really should be a picture book. I told my plans to my friend, Evelyn Hills. Eveyln is an illustrator at Boquillas' Window. She was so drawn to the story that she asked if she could illustrate it for me.  Evelyn  worked for weeks on them. Here are just a few of the images. 

The book is currently in formatting. I can't wait to share this beautiful story with my readers. It will be a picture book for 1st - 2nd grades.