Monday, December 22, 2014

#Gifted #Children: You don't get me and that's NOT ok

You don't get me and that's NOT ok
Today's topic is near and dear to my heart because it's something I have and always will face. I grew up and live in a world in which I don't fit in. I have always known that this world doesn't operate the way my mind does and it's very frustrating. But I'm not alone in my feelings. Gifted children face the same heartaches and struggles I do even in elementary school. By the time they are in 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade they have already know they don't fit into society, no matter how hard they try. Their trust has been broken by so many of their peers using them for their brain instead of wanting to be their friend. The school system gives them more work instead of tailoring their education to their needs. The following video gives you the common characteristics of a gifted child. These characteristics can cause problems in society. 

Many gifted children have academic problems on paper because they simply become too bored with the material to even care. For example, I grew up in a wonderful school district in Mt.Vernon, Ohio who recognized my intelligence. I thrived there because I was on a college track that would have placed me full time in college with dual credits my junior year. My mind was challenged. I took high school biology in 5th grade. My mother and I moved to Texas in the summer between my 10th and 11th grades. When we came to the school district in Texas they refused to recognize my subjects because they were college level and they didn't offer what I had taken. So I had to take High School Biology again. First of all the whole idea of having to redo my subjects frustrated me. I wanted to drop out of school right then and there or move back to Ohio. In fact, I pleaded with my mother to do just that. So I took the biology course and failed it. Why? Because they were using the exact same book I had in 5th grade and I had already read it. Now you would think I should have gotten an A because I had already taken the course and had done just that. But I failed it because I was frustrated and just didn't care. My mind wasn't challenged. The only great thing about that class was that we had a student whose family just arrived from Nicaragua. I had just moved to Texas after being a foreign exchange student to Costa Rica. I ended up translating everything for her. When it came time for lab I oftentimes ended up doing all of the work for my lab group because I was the brain. I did the work, They got the grade. 

So how do you teach a gifted child?


Sunday, December 21, 2014

What'sUpWithAllison: Christmas is Here

What's Up With Allison?
Christmas is Here!

Hello! These past few weeks have been insane. Our students were released two weeks ago for their winter break and I've been using my inservice time to write this year's social studies curriculum. It's been a blast. So please forgive me if I haven't been on much lately. 

This week is Christmas. Can you believe the year has blown by so fast? This Christmas my husband and I will be staying at home. I'm still in school this week and I fly out to Washington D.C. on December 26th to attend the first of four residencies for my Ph.D in Education program. I am so excited for the trip. Not only because it's a step towards achieving on of my long time goals but because I get to meet my best friend for the first time. Krystol and I meet online at Full Sail University. We went through the MFA in Creative Writing program together. 

Krystol encouraged me to pursue my Ph.D. in Education. It was something I have always wanted to do but I was in a time in my life where I was about to give up on all my dreams. Thankfully, Krystol convinced me to never stop dreaming and never stop trying. I'm so grateful she was there. 

This week my blog is back up and running except that I have decided to remove the Louisiana series and replace it with my Shawnee series. I have four WIP's novels. I was working on the Louisiana one but I really feel like I need to finish Lies and Deceit. Lies and Deceit is the new first book in the Children of the Shawnee series. Here's the cover for it. 

Everything else will remain the same on my blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving. I am so blessed by all my readers,  fans,  family and friends around the world. Thank you for everything you do. I truly appreciate you!
                                       - Allison Bruning -

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ExpressYourself: Just Call Me Garfield

Just Call Me Garfield

This week I was asked to share with my readers my favorite recipe or meal. My favorite recipe was my grandmother's potato salad. I don't have her original recipe but here is one that I found on All Recipes that is close to it. 

My favorite meal since childhood has always been lasagna. My mom use to make a three cheese lasagna that was so good! Hmm, lasagna. I think I might have to have some lasagna.....hmm.....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Down In the Bayou: Jacques Cartier #French #Louisiana

Last week I introduced you to my new series Down in the Bayou with an overview of French history in Louisiana. Although Louisiana is a state in modern day United States it was in fact the term used to describe all of New France during the 17th through 18th centuries.

The French began their claims in the New World with the expeditions of Jacques Cartier. 

 Jacques Cartier 

Jacques Cartier was born on the same day that Christopher Columbus sailed for his first voyage in 1492. He was born in Saint-Malo, a fortified sea port in North France that lies on the English Channel. He was of Briton descent meaning his ancestry came from Brittany in France. 

Jacques Cartier learned to navigate in Dieppe. Afterwards, he sailed with fishermen to Newfoundland. He also accompanied Giovanni da Verrazzano on at least one of his voyages. 

In 1534, Cartier met with King Francis I of France with one goal in mind. His family were prominent watchmakers in Europe who were seeking new places to trade. Cartier wanted to find the passage that Giovanni did not. He believed the Northwest passage through the New World to Asia would open new trade routes for his family. King Francis I had other plans. He commissioned Cartier to take two ships and 61 men to the New World in order to find spices, gold and the Northwest Passage. Cartier left port, set sail across the Arctic Ocean and found Newfoundland. 

Join me next week as we discuss Cartier's second voyage. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

#Gifted #Children: Little Bodies, Big Mind, Misdiagnosed

Gifted Children:

Little Bodies + Big Minds = Misdiagnosed

Stories like these don't happen everyday. Most of the time when we hear about them in the news were are astonished, amazed and forget that this prodigy is still a child. Gifted children have a hard time in the world because their minds are far more advanced their their emotions and bodies. Sometimes gifted children are misidentified in the school as being ADHD, having Learning Disabilities and/or being the problem child. How is that a gifted child can be unrecognized by those in educational field? More times than naught it is because the educator doesn't know what to look for when it comes to determining whether or not their student is gifted.

Here are some signs to look for:

Gifted children can be problematic in the public school setting if they are not challenged. Their minds easily wander if they already know the material you have set before them. Remember, gifted children are the leaders of their generation and need to be treated as such. They may not come from a home environment that supports their high IQ. Often times, school or the library because a place of safety for gifted students because they have an thirst for knowledge that can never be satisfied.

Often times, gifted children are labeled as having special needs because in their early years they may display developmental delays. This is very common in gifted children. I was one of those gifted children who had a speech delay until Kindergarten and was placed in special education classes from K - 2nd grade. Then all of sudden, I was learning so fast that I was in the normal classroom in 3rd grade and all of sudden I was reading three grades higher than my peers. This rapid acquisition of skills is normal for gifted children. Once they reach this level they keep learning skills that are higher than their peers.

Gifted children will sometimes become fixated on a subject matter until they learn all they can with the subject then disregard it and move to the next subject. They are quick learners, fast thinkers and want to learn everything. Sometimes this attribute causes them to be labelled as ADHD.

Socially, these children may be labelled as loners or with some sort of disorder. Gifted children struggle with establishing and maintaining relationships with other their own age because in their minds they are not their peers. They are more likely to see out friendships with adults because in their minds they are their equals. It's very important to teach these children social skills that their peers already know. This may be harder to do with children who are not gifted as well. Gifted children are born leaders and may try to lead children their own age instead of cooperate with them to solve a problem.

Gifted children are a blessing to our society. Let's treat them as such.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

#WhatsUpWithAllison: Writing and Webcomics

Good Morning!

This week is the last week of NaNoWriMo and I have to get myself in gear if I want to win this year. I have been so swamped with a new teaching job that I have forgone writing everyday. I know that's not like me at all. Now that I'm into the swing of things I can relax and write.

After I finish writing Le Creole I plan to turn my attention to a few webcomics that I have planned. I'm planning to have Le Creole published in January or February. My webcomics will be published this spring. I have some wonderful illustrators who are interested in my work. They are amazing!!! More information will be coming soon about these projects.