Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing: The Stepbrothers by Lisa Day

Childhood for Clint was wonderful until the day his mother remarried. His new stepbrother George was pure evil. The stepbrother's only goal was to make sure Clint's life was a living hell. It never occurred to him Clint would grow up. Clint Hawks never forgot the misery and pain he suffered at George's hands and his every thought focused on revenge. Then along came Samantha Culpepper a sweet, young, innocent, bride to be. Inexperienced Samantha becomes the pawn in Clint's game of revenge. When the score is finally settled she'll have enough experiences to last a life time.

People with cruel intentions never stop to think about future repercussions. Such a man was George. As a young man he set up his stepbrother. From fist fights to causing the death of Clint Hawks' mother and destroying the girl his stepbrother loved; for George nothing was off limits.

The time will come for Hawks to find a way to get back at his stepbrother and will be nothing off limits for him either. Cunning and planning put George's fiancee into his hands. Alone in a cabin, far away from anywhere, he will destroy George by ruining the woman.

The fates are not with Hawks as Samantha Culpepper does not destroy so easily. He may have compromised her innocence but he did not foresee his heart getting involved and that definitely is not in the plan.

Just when Hawks realizes his feeling but before he could figure out if it was a good thing or not his best friend shows up. He almost let go of his scheme to involve her in his plans. However, like any good friend, Mac who is handsome, likable, and interested in Samantha as soon as he laid eyes on her will complicate matters.

A stubborn Hawks hands Samantha over now compromised to his stepbrother. George. Unknown to him his stepbrother will decide to marry and then rid himself of her. According to him a perfect plan to get the vote as the 'to be a pitied widow' in the next election.

Riddled with guilt for the shabby treatment of Samantha Hawks goes on two day drunk. After the wedding, Mac realizes something is amiss. He along with Hawks will leave no trail untraveled to find and save her.

Lisa Day grow up in the New Jersey suburbs across from New York City. This made her believe she was sophisticated. Wrong. She was just a girl from Jersey. In junior high right before the English teacher destroyed her love of reading completely she discovered novels for teenage girls. Saved by a love story. As an adult she became a ferocious reader and easily read two, sometimes three books a day. And yes her housework suffered.

Many years later now retired and living with her husband. She renewed her love of novels and this time started to write a few of her own.