Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Eagle

My Eagle
By: Shad Bolt Smith
of the Delaware Nation
I met an eagle
Who flew straight
And true
Across my heart
He left me blue!
He would not lie
He could not stay
Shit happens
But why this way?
He took me soaring
With a single kiss
No matter what happens
He'll forever be missed
A president elected
Running the show
Sending our loved ones
But afraid to go
I asked the mighty spirit
Why this must be
He said eagles flight
To keep America Free


  1. Wow What a beautiful poem. Thanks for this. I am going to copy this and repost it to my blog. Thanks

    1. You're welcome. Shad is an amazing Native American poet. I'm hoping someday she will make a poetry book. She's a good friend of mine.

  2. brilliant poem and nice eagle pic too, infact I am working on a children's book and I believe that pic of eagle can make a big difference on my book. please Allison would you give me some info on how I can go about it. I stay in Malawi, Africa.

    1. Thank you , Collins. I'll be sure to let Shad know you enjoyed her poem. I googled for the picture. You might want to try that. There are some sights you can buy the picture to use in your book. If you use any photograph from the web make certain you have the artist's permission to do so.

  3. Thanks for that info, you have been helpful. Hav a great day