Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You Say!

Today my guest blogger is Shad Bolt Smith of the Delaware Nation. She is a native american poet from Carrollton, Kentucky. Shad has served in the United States Army, was a police officer in Indiana and is the mother of two children.
You Say
By Shad Bolt Smith of the Delaware Nation

You say you had a dream
a vision I heard you say
you have this need to tell me
of the things you saw this day.

YOU SAY.....
you saw our people
laughing in the morning light
and the children's were so happy
their eyes were very bright.

YOU SAY.....
your vision showed you a rainbow
many colors of many things
The sun, glowed a pretty red
and the grass a shinning green

YOU SAY.....
you will cut your hair
and wear the white man's skins
they will see this difference
and then will call you friend

YOU SAY.....
you will sale some of our Mother Earth
and maybe a horse or two
we'll have all we need
the white man promised you

YOU SAY.....
you will hunt no longer
will stay with me instead
the white man promises cattle
so our people will all be fed.

I too had a dream
a vision as you say
a vision that was lonely
for our people had gone away

I SAY.....
In my vision, was a white man's school
and our children looked at me
with eyes not bright from laughter
but shinning White's man's blue

I SAY.....
shinning in my vision
I saw your grass of green
but the shining was barbed wire
a very ugly thing

NOW I SAY.....
"glowing" with anger
was you sun so red
Glowing from the pain of our people
red, from, the blood of our dead!

I SAY....
sell the Mother Earth
sell that which is not ours?
what will they ask for next,
the trees, the air, the stars?

I SAY...
if we sell our land
we sell our children too.
we sell our heart to be
a white man's stupid fool.

I SAY.....
our people you saw laughing
were drunk on Fire water
the drink, that closes your eyes....
to the tears, of our forefathers!

I SAY.....
cut your hair
and dig in Mother Earth
to give up our way of life,
that we have known since birth?

I SAY...
I cannot stop
these fear nor tears
I hear your voice
but can't believe my ears

I SAY....
You do not mean
what you have just said
That fire water
has gone to your head.

I SAY....
mixed beliefs, mixed children
mixed customs and laws
this, your beginning
is where the red man falls

Now husband, I say.....
far better than your vision
please hear my cries
Hokahey, Hokahey

It is a good day on which to .......
to die!

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