Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Review: B. E. Schafer

Today's guest post comes from author B.E. Schafer. B.E. is the author of Obtuse. He has graciously offered to review the second edition of my book Calico which was released by Little Acorns Publishing House LTD out of Wales, United Kingdom.


When I picked up the novel Calico by Allison Bruning, I was not sure what to think.  With the mention of historical figures such as Chief Pontiac and Daniel Boone, I thought I was on a somber walk through American history as so many books of this caliber often does. I was sorely mistaken. 

This novel weaves well-researched history into an exciting frontier story.  Coupled with the fact that it dabbles into the realm of American Indian witchcraft and lore, that takes the reader into a dark world often overlooked in books written on the American Indian and the early frontier.  Bruning’s knowledge of American Indian History is well researched. 

In an uncivilized wilderness, Calico must cope with the loss of her family.  Adopted by the Shawnee young Calico is confused and lost.  Young Calico must forget her white-man past and live by the law of the Shawnee.  In a world where the man is the master and the woman a subservient, Calico come of age.

In a sinister plan where the once trusted white man becomes pitted against the Indian in a web of deceit and lies; lies of the white man or lies of the Indian?  This is the confusion Calico must face and a truth she must seek an answer.

If you like early American History, you will love CALICO.  If you like, dark magic you are in for a treat. Bruning brings these aspects together like a well-mixed margarita!  The first in a series leaves you thirsting for more.  I give Calico 5 stars.

Review by

B.E. Schรคfer

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