Sunday, June 10, 2012

TTVBT - Summer Planning by Cathy Brockman

Planner or procrastinator?

Hello everyone! How are you all today?  Spring has sprung and summer came in like a lion. I still haven’t gotten my spring cleaning done. I had as usual the best of plans all laid out for me.. Written in usual style pages of pages of lists to do  clean out the closet  toss the old stuff clean the kitchen drawers.  Then the outside list.. Weed, rake, cleanup. Plant. Yeah you get the idea.  I plan everything. I have weekly to do lists daily to do lists. Monthly to do lists, seasonal to do lists.

It is June now and I still haven’t done any of the above. Well maybe the weeding, and planting, but now you can’t tell I weeded at all.

I guess the world won’t end because I didn’t do any of this stuff but as I stumble through all the clutter I wonder.  So I make a new list for July. Yeah I said July since I will be gone in June. *muses start putting away winter stuff and pulling out summer stuff* I’m going to go stay with dad for a month, and hopefully get caught up on a book or two that I am writing.  Then I will go home and tackle that spring cleaning or should I say summer cleaning now.   By the time I get that closet cleaned out and summer clothes out and winter clothes packed it will be time to start over and pull out the winter stuff.. *muses look at me unamused as they start pulling the winter stuff back out*

So maybe we should just leave things like they are. *muses nod* but I can’t. That’s just how I am I guess I procrastinate more than I thought. I am an awesome planner though its just carrying out those plans I’m not so good at.  How about you? Do you plan your days, weeks, months?  DO you make lists for everything? Do you actually follow through or are you a procrastinator?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

- Cathy Brockman

Cathy is fifty years old (don't tell anyone!!) though she refuses to act it. She prefers to play with clay and write on the sidewalk with the Grandies (she has 10 of them). She lives in the hot and sticky mid-south and dreams of a cooler climates and making snowmen. She retired from her everyday job of 19 years, selling jewelry at Wal-Mart, to spend time writing books and creating her own jewelry and other cool stuff.

She likes to garden, cook, sew, and craft. When she isn't creating new recipes for her home-grown goodies, or making some cool plastic canvas creation or a pretty piece of jewelry, she can be found hiding in one of her many garden getaways, creating new worlds and getting lost in a hot and juicy romance. She also hopes to get to travel a lot soon to get more inspiration and ideas for even more great stories to share with all of her friends. If you would like a free sample of her writing, go see Storytime Trysts for weekly episodes of her latest short-story.
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  1. Cathy...enjoyed your post! Glad I'm not the only procrastinator around. My list from last summer isn't finished I'm thinking...maybe it wasn't essential...LOL!

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