Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ellie Bates Chappell: An Author's Best Friend

My guest this Sunday isn't an author or a blogger but someone most readers don't think about. It takes more than an author and a publishing house to produce a book. Getting the book ready for publication takes a team of the people. That team includes beta readers (those who read your story before it goes to editing. It's their job to see if the story flows accurately, fits the genre, and word usage is correct), editors, formatters, reviewers, social media coach and the graphic artist. The graphic artist is responsible for creating the book cover, book trailers (like a movie trailer but for a book instead) and other media products your book may require for marketing.

Last month I began my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University where I was introduced to a graphic artist and media arts student named Ellie Bates Chappell. Ellie is currently working on the book trailer for my book, Calico. As a graphic artist, Ellie, works with a wide range of creative projects. Here is her bio:

Born and raised along the Gulf Coast, I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband, three of our children (one is grown and is a working musician in Atlanta), our dog and the best cat in the world, Atticus.  I started my career at KUHT-TV, Channel 8 in Houston, Texas right out of high school in 1988.  I attended the University of Houston and received my bachelor's degree in Media Production with a minor in French.  I suppose you could say that I have an adventurous spirit since I have had so many different career experiences.  I worked on a couple of motion pictures as a film loader and camera assistant back in the nineties and also I taught myself graphic design in 2005.  I love all things advertising-design; copywriting; media, public and station relations.  I also loved working in the film business and would like to try using some of those skills that have laid dormant in my life for a while.  I have had my own freelance graphic design and PR business, C3 Design, since 2005 and hope to grow it into a 'real' brick and mortar enterprise in the future.  I am also a writer myself and enjoy working with other authors to promote their work in a variety of ways including but not limited to designing book covers, creating video trailers, and promotional pieces for print and web.

 Here are just some of the projects she has created.

Ellie can be reached at

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