Wednesday, August 8, 2012

#BlogFlash2012: Relaxing with Calico

Blog Flash #8
Relaxing With Calico
She just loves to hunt

"That afternoon, she left with Pierre, Blue Lark, Hunting Bear, and Creek's brothers-in-law. Deep in the wilderness, the men split into groups of three. She followed Hunting Bear and Pierre; the brothers worked in perfect harmony. Off to her right, a deer stood with a pair of six-point antlers. It's eyes stared into hers with a deep gaze. She knew the deer offered its life. Calico stood still, aimed, and then shot, only to miss the heart. The shot hit the deer in the leg. The deer panicked and ran. Calico's heart jumped. Unable to load her weapon, she screamed." - pg. 61 of Calico

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