Thursday, August 2, 2012

#PhotoADayAugust Good Morning, Morning Glories

Photo A Day Challenge 
August 1, 2012
This month I am trying something new with my blog. I've joined two blog challenges. One is a visual prompt and the other is a photography challenge. The Photo A Day Challenge ask a blogger is given a prompt then asked to go outside and take a picture based on the prompt. You can find more information here:

 I love it when I'm challenged with both my passions. So stop by each day and visit. You never know what you may find. Here's my picture for August 1st. If you like my photographs, please do not reuse them unless you give me credit for them where ever you are posting them. Let me know where you are using them as well. I just love to see where my pictures end up.  Thanks, 


These beautiful Morning Glories, are outside in my garden. We have a bunch of them hanging over the fence. I just love being able to wake up each morning and seeing them welcome the new day.

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