Thursday, November 8, 2012

CWA: A Small Town Romance

Ah, finally, something you recognize. You peer over the side of the cruise ship as he begins its descent over a small town in Indiana. After the crazy adventure you had yesterday on the mysterious island with the convict leading you through the wilds you needed some sense of normality. Tasha and Dalton had never learned you had taken the Map of Atlantis from the previous journey. You were grateful for that. There was no telling what would have happened to you if they ever learned the truth.

Sunlight gently pours upon you as the little ant like structures begin to grow larger beneath you. You read the town sign. Dirks, Indiana. Interesting enough name for a town. You had never heard of it before. Must be one of those hole in the walls that never get placed on the map. You love small towns. The best ones were the ones so far out from any major town that they develop their own way of doing things. You wonder if Dirks is anything like that.

Downtown Booneville, By: W. Marsh

Hi! My name is Olivia St. James, but you can call me Liv. Feel free to ask any questions while we tour around the fabulous city of Dirks, Indiana. I’m sure many of you have never heard of the place, but for me, it was the beginning of a lifetime.
No, there are no celebrities here. When you turn every corner, the only thing you’ll find are kids running around, enjoying being young and carefree. There are no hot clubs to dive into while waiting to board the ship again. There’s just a small little park with five benches, all white. They overlook a pond that has random rosebushes that grow each spring. Yep, that’s about it, unless you want to count the endless supplies of great friends and opportunities for new love.
To your right, you’ll see the apartment buildings that I moved into when I moved away from home. It also started the rest of my life. I met my best friend there at a dinner party and the rest is history. His name is Blake and we’ll be passing by the university where he works before long, but before we get there, we’ll be picking up my life-long friend, Sarah, and her baby, Jake.
Long story short, her baby is the son of my ex-boyfriend who died in a plane crash earlier this year. Believe me, letting go of that one was not the easiest thing, but there’s an innocent baby and I had a big decision to make. I could hold a grudge or understand that true love finds you, sometimes at the worst possible time. But, if you hold on tight and trust in fate, love finds a way to you, to everyone. I’m not talking about that fake kind that they make sappy movies about. I’m talking about the kind you live your whole life waiting for. When you can look at the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with every day and still melt when they brush the hair from your shoulder and placed their warm lips on your skin, causing your knees to buckle from under you, with the only thing keeping you from falling is the love the two of you share.
When you board that cruise ship later this afternoon, remember one thing…no matter what size the town is that you visit, no matter what the physical attributes portray, that tree that you pass by on your way out of town may just be where a marriage started, where love began for two people.
That’s the stuff worth fighting for. So, to hold a grudge isn’t what life is all about.
Love is.

Melissa Cameron is the author of OLIVIA and SARAH. She currently is working on a paranormal romance book series with two other contemporary romance manuscripts in editing. She resides in Indiana with her husband, Kevin, and two children, Kelley and Corey. Stay tuned; great things are coming from this up and coming author.

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Olivia St. James sobs as Jake Lance, her boyfriend of two years, leaves Arizona to play football on a full scholarship for a college in Alabama. She's not sure how she is going to handle the pain of a long-distance relationship; saying goodbye to Jake is the most difficult moment of her life. Both Olivia and Jake believe their love will survive this test, and that one day they will be together forever.
Olivia, too, embarks on her own passage of self-discovery. Leading a self-described sheltered life, she spreads her wings and leaves the comforts of home to attend college in Indiana. But during her first week on campus, Olivia encounters something she isn't looking for-Blake Carmichael, a handsome professor at her new university.
When Jake unexpectedly visits Olivia during a free weekend, the two must come to terms with their relationship. Olivia wonders if Jake can sense her growing attraction for Blake. And, Jake has something serious that he must discuss with Olivia. Will their love endure?

Senior year is quickly coming to a close for four teenage friends. Each looks forward to pursuing their dreams after high school graduation. Sarah Parker plans to move to Los Angeles and become an actress, and Ryan, her boyfriend of three years, is going to Atlanta to play baseball. Olivia St. James is heading to Indiana to attend college, and her boyfriend, Jake Lance, has the opportunity to play quarterback at the University of Alabama. But even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry.
During the summer after graduation, Sarah and Jake accidentally discover they have strong feelings for each other. As their relationship escalates, they must deal with the effects it has on their friendships and their futures.
A coming-of-age romance novel, Sarah follows the life of Sarah in her journey to womanhood as she comes face-to-face with betrayal and reconciliation, the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy, the depths of grief, and the ecstatic highs of love.

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