Saturday, November 10, 2012

CWA: Ancient Songs in the Rainforest

What a view! The cruise ship fly over a valley in the rainforest with lush vegetation covering the mountains all around you. You don't know where you are but you like everything you are seeing so far. You wonder if you'll see a monkey? 

This morning at breakfast Tasha had announced you were going to visit a special place deep within a rainforest. She had invited everyone to the deck to watch as the ship would fly over the area then carefully descend deep within a valley. You couldn't pass up the offer. You are beginning to go from a love/hate relationship with the ship to a friendship. 

The ship lowers to the ground with a soft thump. You clutch the rails, bracing yourself as the ship settles into place. Large, magnificent trees block your view of the sky. This was going to be an amazing adventure! You just wonder why Tasha had told everyone to wear their swimsuits under their clothes.

Wrights Lookout By: certified sue

Hello and welcome to the Cove! My name is Rrawk and this is my student Tsabai. As you can see, our home here is surrounded by a dense rainforest on three sides and the waters of the Cove to the north. Follow us down the path to the Cove and we will show you how we communicate with our Ancestors in the ocean. There are three steep sandy portions on the trail. Tsabai will demonstrate how we get down these sections and then I will show you a fun way you can go down safely.

As you can see, Tsabai is able to slide down this steep part on his feet. I am told it is like what you call “skiing.” What I suggest you do is sit on your bum like this. Now I will bend my knees, bring them to my chest, wrap my arms around my legs like so, and weeee!

Good, you all made it. From here we can see the waters of the Cove and its white sand beach. Out beyond the calm waters is the deep ocean. That is where our Ancestors live. You may know them as Whales. What you probably don't know is that hundreds of thousands of years ago our Ancestors lived on land, just like we all do now. Lets get all the way down to the beach and I will tell you more.

Tsabai is preparing himself to communicate with the Ancestors now. There are only two rules for entering the waters of our Cove. First, we must ask for permission and protection from our Ancestors out in the Ocean. Tsabai will now enter the water with his calling sticks. Once he wades out to about waist high, he will rub these two carved sticks against each other in the water. The carvings are specially made to create a vibration in the water that our Ancestors can understand. Now you notice that he has quit using the calling sticks and is floating on his back. He is now communicating with the Ancestors. This leads us to the second rule, never enter the water alone except in an extreme emergency. Everyone watch closely. We are looking for any signs of man eaters in the water. You are looking for a large fin cruising along the surface of the water. Don't see any? Good!

Now for the story. As I told you, our Ancestors used to live on the land like we do now. But your Ancestors came to this place from somewhere else. Your Ancestors have a long history of traveling to planets and doing destructive things to the land and animals. Eventually, they always ruin the place and move on to another. Our Ancestors knew this and so they decided to move back into the Ocean to avoid these people. But some of them stayed on land to keep the ancient knowledge alive. Here in this place. It was hoped that we could one day teach the Aliens how to live in harmony with the oceans and lands of this world. We have a saying here, “Information is never lost.” We are the keepers of much information. Information on how to travel other realms, for example.

I see that Tsabai has returned and we feel it is safe for us to all have a swim. It is a nice place to swim and Tsabai and I will watch over you. So enjoy! There is only one more thing. If you see a large fish which is red, yellow, and black do not touch this fish! They will not harm you so long as you do not 
touch them. Have a great swim everyone and remember this day always. Remember that information is never lost!


Ed lives in Portland, Oregon where he teaches, performs, writes, and records. Ed has performed with Francis Firebrace-Jones, a Yorti Yorti story teller, with Australian Folk Musician and songwriter Clancey Dunn, Jawighe, Michael Stirling, Jawihge, Randy Graves, Stephen Kent, Dave Crowder and Land of the Blind. 


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