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CWA: Love and Deception in Romantic #Scotland

Lush green hills surround you as you pause on the secluded Scottish trail towards your next tour. Ah, Scotland. Full of legends, mysteries and history. You had always wanted to visit this beautiful land. While the other guest meander around the ancient graveyard you decide to walk to the several stone outcroppings. You come upon a secret cave and crouch down to explore the small structure. The opening is just large enough to fit a child. You wonder if, since you are in the present, you might be able to hide some of the larger items in your sachel until you return for them after the cruise is over. It was best to chose several different location in the present to hide your belongings and if you hide them here it would give you an excuse to return to Scotland. You lean into the cave and begin to dig quickly making a hole in the floor towards the right wall. Next, you remove some of the items from your satchel, wrap them in some spare leather you had stolen from a previous stop and hide it deep in the hole you created. You cover the hole with dirt them make certain to place twigs, rocks and other natural items over it so no one would suspect that there was something in there.

You hear Tasha and Dalton start to call the group together. Time to get moving. As you back your way out of the cave you think you hear someone pull a gun on you.

"I knew there was something off about  you," the female soldier says with her gun to your head. "What are you doing?"

"I love caves and was wondering how far this cavern goes."

"Right, or maybe you are trying to steal something."

"Oh, please. Do you honestly think...." In one swift move, as if you had never left the army, you slam the person to the ground and disengage the gun from the soldier's hand. The soldier knocks you to the ground. With arms and legs, entangled with hers the two of you wrestle down the hill landing on the trail. People scream, holding back their loved ones so the two of you don't harm them. You grab a large rock and slam it several times until the soldier is unconscious. With blood trickling down from your nose you rise from over the soldier.

"What's going on here," Tasha demands coming from the back of the group.

"There's your thief. I caught her hiding the things she stole in a small cave by the three boulders standing upright. She was going to kill me then claim I was the thief. I was able to disarm her. You'll find her gun up there and a bundle buried in the cave close to the wall."

Tasha orders a group of soldiers to where you had buried the items and another group to arrest the soldier you had defeated. You lean over, out of breath, with blood pouring from your nose and head. It had been a long time since you were in combat and you could feel it. Now that Tasha had someone to blame you were going to have to be more careful about what you steal at the next stops. You can't steal anything here. I was too hot now.

Scotland by Moyan Brenn
@ http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/

Hello, my name is Alex Daniels. Welcome to the cruise and your next stop, Glasgow, Scotland. Derek and I will show you around.

Once in Glasgow they spent hours walking the streets as Derek showed Alex some of his favorite sights.  He was excited to show her his old stomping grounds. That first afternoon they walked along Buchanan Street looking at the Edwardian architecture housing modern art galleries and shops and spent time at the Lighthouse on Mitchell Street, walking up the 135 steps to view the city from the top.  They passed back through Buchanan Street at night, the blue streets lights illuminating the shop fronts.  Alex had never been out of North America and marveled at the centuries old building designs.

The next afternoon they strolled to Sauchiehall Street to relax at the Willow Tea Room.  Alex was in awe. The outside was white and black, a  modern design, especially compared to the Victorian style buildings surrounding it.  They were shown to a room in the back, a bit darker than the front, with a cozy fireplace.  Old photos of Charles Mackintosh, the building designer, and Kate Cranston, the original owner, lined the walls giving the place a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  They enjoyed tea and talked about actors Derek had worked with. 

Sauchiehall Street was a busy place.  There was a large concert hall and shops from end to end.  At one corner Derek and Alex passed a group of bagpipe players in kelts performing traditional Scottish music.  In an area farther down a street band with a drummer, two guitar players and a saxophonist were playing a more modern tune.  There was something for everyone. 

Every place they went Alex experienced something new; a sight, a smell, a taste.  Even the weather was unique to her; all four seasons could be experienced in one day.  Scotland was irresistible in every way.  Derek had become irresistible too.  Every look and touch from him made her senses tingle. 

Their room in the Alamo Guest House was spacious and cozy, a Victorian bed and breakfast. The large fireplace was warm and inviting.  They had requested one of the suites with an extra large tub for two.  The owners made them feel welcome and part of their family.  Even their cat was charming, visiting them every morning before breakfast. The hospitality was unlike anything Alex had experienced.  She wasn’t well travelled and her only experience with hotels was Motel 6 on the rare occasion Josh took her anywhere.  

The Alamo was on the west end of Glasgow, in the arts district, overlooking the Kelvingrove Park.  The view was magnificent. The park was lush with nature, plants and wildlife.  After dinner Derek and Alex strolled through the tranquil park.  They walked past victorian statues, the Kelvin River and the center fountain, dedicated to Robert Stewart who brought fresh water to Glasgow many years ago.

The instant they arrived in Glasgow all the feelings of gloom Alex had been harboring melted away.  In the mornings she woke blissful and at peace. Derek’s slightest touch caused her to burn with desire.  Every fiber of her being was consumed by him every morning and night.  She was never too tired and he was always willing to oblige. Each climax stronger than the last, each feeling as though their last breath lay in the other’s chest. Their passion for one another’s touch grew with each passing day.  Derek had never felt such a connection to anyone.  Alex was lost in her desire.

After exploring Glasgow’s art galleries from the west to the south side, the couple ventured to Edinburgh.  It was only a one hour drive through rich farmland and rolling hills.  They passed the M8 Church in Salsburg, Kirk of Schott’s Parish Church, built in 1450.  It was repaired and rededicated in 2007 and a very popular landmark in Scotland.  The countryside along their route was lush and bursting with life.  Alex never realized how much she had been missing, not just from never traveling but in her everyday existence.  She now had a fire in her, as if opening her eyes for the first time.

Derek reveled in watching Alex’s reactions.  Very few people he met enjoyed the things he did.  He had a couple friends he’d known for years that loved to travel, see amazing things, live on the edge, but none of them were women.  Alex was open to anything.  She saw great beauty in the smallest parts of nature as well as marveled at the grandeur sights.  

This is just one stop of many Derek takes me on as our love for one another grows. My life is mostly in Dallas, Texas, at least, it was...

I was married 20+ years, had a job that was alright, a life that just plodded along and something exciting happened. I won a trip to New York to visit my favorite talk show, The Veronica Becker Show! The best part, which I didn’t know until I arrived, was that my all-time actor crush was a guest that day! Talk about the best day ever!

I actually got to meet Derek Dunbar in person. He even spend some time talking with me, took me to dinner and introduced me to a bit of New York. We had a connection.

Four years later, my husband and I are in a terrible car wreck. My husband dies and I am in comma for three days. When I come out, Derek has come to check on me. As my life attempts to go back to normal, something that can never be, Derek whisks me away to Scotland. Of course, we have obstacles to overcome as we learn what we really want out of life.

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