Monday, November 26, 2012

CWA: Onto Victory

Another small town in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn't have it any other way. When you awoke this morning you found yourself back in your bed. You couldn't remember much about what had happened to you yesterday except that you were talking to a black cat and it was talking back at you. You shake your head dismissing the idea. A talking cat. Who had ever heard of a talking cat?  You walk down the road admiring the architecture of this small town. What was it's name? Victory. Yes, that was it. Victory. It seemed like a noble name for a town and you wonder if it has anything to do with World War II. You are in the present but your location seems a mystery to you. You glance at the large stone lion in front of you. It peers into your soul as if it knows all of your secrets. A slight chill runs up your spine. It's just stone but then again nothing on this tour is what is seems to be. You turn your head hearing Tasha and Dalton calling for everyone to gather around them. You follow the crowd, dismissing the eerie look of the stone lion. Maybe its your nerves or maybe it really is looking at you. Whatever it may be you can't let anyone know you had stolen something from here. You clutch your satchel hoping no one will notice your satchel has grown larger. 

Stone Lion by DBduo Photography
Hi, and welcome to Victory! Everybody here calls me Brown Eyes, or Little Rabbit. I’m eight years old and I have only lived here in the town of Victory for three years. I came here to live with my cousin after my parents died. Mr. Mayor-Sir asked me to show you around the town.
To get into Victory, you have to turn off the highway. It’s a long way up or down the road to the next town, too! I don’t know why lots of people don’t stop here. Most people just drive past us and don’t know anything about us.
Victory isn’t a big town; it only has two main streets. I guess the thing people would notice first when the come into town are the post office ‘cuz it has two HUGE stone lions by the front doors. Across the street from that is the Town Hall. It’s a big white building, but I like the park that’s across the street better. We kids can roller skate or skateboard in the skate park, play on the playgrounds, or toss sticks and things in the river that’s on one side of it. There is a very special place in the park, too. It’s called the Veteran’s Memorial. They are big blocks of rock that have names on them. They are the names of the people from our town who were in the military. Somebody told me that the names with stars by them are the people who died in the wars. There’s a big flagpole there, too, and some benches for people to sit on. Everybody in town likes to go there.
It’s a small town, but the State Fair is here every fall. I don’t know why they have it here, but I guess it’s because it’s pretty much in the middle of the state. It’s lots of fun. Thousands of people come, and there are rides and cool things to see and lots of food! We use the grandstand for lots of things like concerts, rodeos, and the high school kids have their graduation there, too.
There are lots of farms around town. I live almost out of town, close to the mountains. Lots of people like to drive up there for picnics or to go hiking. And in the winter, they go up to the parking lot to drive around on their snow mobiles. They do that a lot!
The people in town are nice. The librarians know everybody, and so do the people in the stores. The firefighters will let us kids see all the stuff there. There are a lot of different kinds of people in town, but they help each other anyway. They try to get along with everybody.
Our church is almost in the center of town. It’s been there a long, long time. It’s made of wood, and it has a bell in the steeple. I like to go there.
A couple blocks from that is where Mrs. Goodheart lives. She is a very nice lady who often has treats for us kids when we go past her house on our way home from school. Her family has lived here in Victory since it started.
A few blocks from her house is where Miss Rebecca lives. That’s her daughter. Miss Rebecca is really nice, too. They both do a lot of things to help the people of the town like taking food to people when they have a baby or somebody dies. Everybody likes them.
We have schools here in Victory. I go to the elementary school that’s by Mrs. Goodheart’s house. The high school is way down the other way from my house. I don’t know much about it except they have a band that plays in parades. We love parades!
I can’t tell you everything that happens here, but it is exciting, and some of it is scary—to me, at least! Please come and visit our town soon and see what makes Victory so special!

Who is DeEtte Anderton?

DeEtte started writing, in 2007 after her son challenged her to try NaNoWriMo. The manuscript sat untouched with several others until January 2012 when her good friend encouraged her to seek publication. Victory is her first novel.

DeEtte spent much of her childhood playing piano, reading, or making up stories. She was active in Girl Scouting, which gave her a wide variety of experiences. While in college, she was on the University of Utah Synchronized Swim team, and taught winter camping and survival for Girl Scouts.

DeEtte lives in New England where she writes full time and works on the editing team of Master Koda Select Publishing. DeEtte’s other interests include swimming, crocheting, reading, dog rescue, and her many grandchildren.

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  1. Well done, DeEtte. Victory sounds like a great get-away location. Put the coffee on!

  2. DeEtte I see we share another hobby in common besides reading. Crocheting yeah! I actually just learned how to crochet two years ago. (Hands covering face) :)