Monday, December 24, 2012

A #Christmas Gift! Mary's Song.

Merry Christmas!
I have have a wonderful gift for all my readers. Below you will find a copy of my poem "Mary's Song" I wrote this song thinking about what it would have been like for Mary to watch her son's life. She was an remarkable woman. I hope her journey moves you as it did for me. Merry Christmas.

Mary and Baby Jesus by Scott Schram

Mary’s Song
I was blessed by a scandal
Pregnant, before marriage
My beloved baby boy,
Born in a manger,
You blessed my life with controversy.

Flesh of my flesh
Son of God
You came into a simple life
Born to a carpenter and his wife.

I watched as you grew
In Egypt and Galilee
More children came yet it always remained,
You were my favorite son
My first-born son!

The day your father died
You were a man
I smiled and I cried
No longer my boy
But the man of our household.

I never knew
But I guess I should have
How great a man
You would become

On that day
When you went away
I wondered
Will he be okay out on his own?

What magnificent deeds
I heard you did
You cured the sick
And healed so many
You preached hope, love, and peace
My baby born
A mother could not be more proud to call you her son

And to me it ended that day
The day they took you away
I anguished as you were beaten, bruised
And taken to the cross.

He’s innocent!
My baby boy is innocent!
I cried inside
What injustice
I did not understand
How could a mother do so
When her baby boy is willing to be nailed to the cross?

I cried.
I anguished.
I saw you die!
My manger baby
God’s own son

But glory be
I saw the tomb
Three days later
Your body was gone!

You came to me
And the others
Speaking words of hope
My manger baby
Now my savior and king
Glory be!

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