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CWA: Hot Times in Old #Paris

You walk through the large crowd gathered at the Notre-Dame de Paris looking at the magnificent architecture. You have always been a fan of old architecture. You could stand here all day just gazing upon the great cathedryl's beauty but you had a job to do. You take a few photos then place your camera back in your satchel. You don't want to forget this trip. Who knows if you'll ever be back in modern Paris again. Maybe someday the ship will go back in time and you'll see the construction of Notre Dame. What you wouldn't give to talk to someone who had worked on the building. 

You turn around hearing Dalton call the group together. As you walk towards your leader you notice couples of all ages cuddling, smiling and showing other forms of affection towards each other. Every one of them enjoying the City of Love. 

Notre-Dame de Paris by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra

Hi, my name is Lanise Avery, it's my pleasure to welcome you to Paris.  I hear you got here on a magic cruise ship.  Wow.  Isn't this a beautiful city?  Is this your first time here?  I started coming to Paris when I was a teenager fresh out of high school, see I'm a fashion model.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to talk about myself, tell me where you're from. 

Oh, that's a nice place too, I've been there.  I've been lots of places, one of the perks of being a model is that you get to visit many places.  How long have I been here?  Let's see, it's been about two years now.  Yes I'm married but...I'm sorry, I don't mean to get emotional, you see my husband and I are separated at the moment.  It's a long story, I don't want to....well, yes I do still love him but it's kind of complicated and I don't think I should be talking about this with you.  After all, we just met and I'm supposed to be showing you around the beautiful city of Paris, not talking about me.

There's lots of things for you to do and see here.  Where shall we about the Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre Museum, and you must go to see the Moulin Rouge Show...and then there's the Palace of Versailles, the Seine Cruise on the River, and.....what? 

No my husband's in Atlanta, Georgia.  Now what was I're not gonna stop asking me questions until I tell you the whole story are you?  OK.  Well.  I'm sorry, I feel like such a cry baby.  I met my husband, Tyrese Langston, five years ago at a haute couture modeling gig in L.A.  He's a Record Producer.  He was so charming and good looking that I could barely concentrate.  I messed up several times while doing my cat walk down the runway. seems like only yesterday.  A few months later we were married.  Everything was wonderful.

Fast forward three years and it all came crashing down in a single evening.  What happened...  everything and nothing.  I have a friend named Alvin...Ayoboni  I should say.  He was Alvin when we were kids all through grade school and high school, but he'd changed his name to Ayoboni  the next time I saw him.  We became friends in grade school when three girls tried to beat me up,  but Alvin came to my rescue and made them leave me alone.  Alvin was nothing more than a skinny little nerd, but he became my hero that day and we were inseparable after that.  That is, until he went off to college and I went off to model.

One day out of the blue, Ayoboni calls and asks me to help him launch his career as a fashion designer.  I was floored, last thing I heard, he was an engineering major, all of a sudden now he was a clothes designer.  Anyway,  he felt that since we were good friends, and of course being a famous name in the fashion industry, that I could really make a difference getting his name out there.
I was really flattered and him being my best friend since grade school, naturally I accepted.  To my surprise, he had named an entire line after me.  He called it Avery Woman.  It was an honor and it made me feel special to have my own clothing line.  He had a contract drawn up that we would share the profits 50/50 and everything.

Anyhow, to make a long story took two whole weeks for me to be fitted, measured, designed, rehearsed, the whole nine.   Naturally Ayoboni and I spent most of our time together for those two weeks, and it was as if we'd never been apart.  It was just like old times, we laughed and joked and it felt good to have my best friend back.  We had the most fabulous clothing launch L.A. had ever seen.  Everybody who was anybody was there.  It was a truly wonderful night and a huge success.  
Then just as suddenly the storm came.  My husband Ty flew into L.A. to surprise me. He came back stage and found Ayoboni and I embracing each other, in celebration of how great everything had turned out.  But he accused us of having an affair and he called me a whore and he threw the roses he had brought me to the floor and rushed out. 

Did I go after, no I didn't.  Though technically I hadn't done anything wrong, I guess my eyes and my heart couldn't lie and my husband read me like a book.  See...I fell in love with Ayoboni Balentine, I guess I loved him all along.  So I left that night and came here to Paris.  It's been two years since I've seen either Ty or Ayoboni.  But now..... 

What would you have done?

Who is Patricia Balentine?

Author of the sexy romance novel, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF RAIN, Patricia Balentine is new to the writing industry and elated to be a part of it.  Patricia was born in a small town in Alabama; at nine her family moved to Illinois where she lived until she was an adult. She is a wife and the mother of three. Currently she resides in Wisconsin but she is considering giving up the cold and snow for a warmer climate possibly in the near future.

Patricia started writing poetry when she was around nine or ten years old never believing that one ​day she would become an actual published author.  It happened by accident, when her husband discovered a book in their computer that she had written for her own personal entertai​nment.​  He strongly encouraged her to finish it and that encouragement is where her writing career began; giving you Cloudy With a Chance of Rain.

Patricia is a firm believer that dreams can come true, this is why she has her sights set on becoming not only a bestselling author, but also a screenplay writer as well. She would love to see her book made into a movie (she already has the actors in mind and the soundtrack).  Her belief in God is another thing that gives her faith that all things are possible. She has had a great start with this book, receiving 4 and 5 star* reviews from fans on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Facebook. Pretty good for a debut novel!

Patricia hopes to have another book available for your reading pleasure soon.  She currently has several in the works, so look for more from Patricia Balentine in the very near future.  Right now she hopes that you will read and enjoy Cloudy With a Chance of Rain and become a friend and a fan of her work.

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