Sunday, May 27, 2012

Something New: Tasha Turner Blog Tour

The Tasha Turner Coaching Virtual Blog Tour Has Begun!

This week marks the beginning of the Tasha Turner Coaching Blog Tour. Each Sunday I will be adding a posting from my guest blogger for that week. I have written a blog post as well which can be seen on Linda Bolton's blog at

My guest for this week is Anjiie Harrt.

The Thin line between lying and storytelling
When I was a child, my mother worked as a domestic helper and nanny to a family with three children. She worked from 6am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays. We lived in a small flat cottage with little  apartments. When my mother would come off the bed around 3am to prepare for the day; cooking, cleaning and washing, I would get off as well and lie on the chair in the little living room. Before she left for work I would have already had a bath, had my hair combed and decorated with my school ribbons and I would also have been semi dressed.
Being semi awake since 3am and already dressed and waiting from 6am to 9am, when school would be called in, was boring. So most days I would leave home since 7, sometimes 7:30 am and wait outside the closed school on the verandah, unknown to my hardworking mother, of course.
Soon, that too became boring. There were two or three children who came that early for school. So, to keep us entertained I used to tell stories. Enid Blyton was the first author I read outside of nursery rhymes and most of my stories were inspired by her work. I told stories, which many children believed to be true, about little people living under my floor boards, about the spirit under the bamboo tree in the back of my yard, about the girl who danced through my street late at night and many more.
Soon, it became hard to keep up with the stories I told, since they were all made up. I would mess up on the details and things would change day to day. Some of my listeners, an audience that had grown from two or three to five or ten, would notice. So, at nights I would write down my stories, keeping little exercise books with stories and information pertaining to them. This was how I kept track of my lies.
When I wrote composition for exams in school, I would always be the first to finish because I always had a story in my mind.
 When I became a teenager my stories changed. I started reading Sweet Valley High, Mills and Boons, Harlequin novels and the like. My stories were now about rendezvous with dark and handsome men and there were times when I myself believed them. I kept a diary, but truthfully, my diary was boring in comparison to my exercise books of stories I wrote for friends. Somewhere along the way I lost those stories, those books, and leaflets of my lies, and tales.
 Life came at me fast and hard and all I managed was a scribbling here or there; a poem about a lost love, a beautiful butterfly, a pain within. It was scarcely done, but I always managed to write something or the other.   
Then, Nanowrimo came and I searched for that girl within me, that liar who couldn’t stop telling tales. This is how I started to write and became inspired to continue telling more of those stories that created themselves in my head. Now I find that every time something happens to me, or I meet someone new I go into this sort of day dream where my mind thinks, “What if this happens, or that happens.” From these ‘what ifs’ I create my stories.
I haven’t published anything, since my nanovel is still waiting to be edited. I am working on a novel called An Unexpected Desire, which I hope to publish soon. One day I hope to be called a novelist, whether I choose to self publish or traditional publish is yet to be seen.
I started writing to escape boredom, and continued writing to escape life. I read because I can escape into another world, another country or another scene. Writing and reading makes my life exciting and adventurous.
* *       *          *          *          *         
Anjie Harrte: Romance with some Caribbean flavour
Anjie Harrte is a twenty nine year old mother of one who resides in sunny Guyana, South America. Sometime between running a small business, having a full time job and being a mother and partner she finds time to pursue her passion for creating stories. Anjie dreams up stories of contemporary fiction splashed with some romance, a little dose of murder or an ounce of suspense and sometimes when no one is looking she dashes in a little twist. When she isn’t doing any of that, she is decorating a cake, knitting a chair back or sewing her latest design. Anjie even finds time to lurk around and stalk people and pages on facebook and you too can stalk her if you like at  or you can follow her on twitter @anjieharrte or keep updated with her writing at

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I am pleased to announce the second edition of my book Calico, published through a new publishing house, Little Acorns Publishing, and with a new cover will be free on Friday, May 25th and Saturday May 26th.

Friday, May 4, 2012

A Whole New World

Little Acorns Publishing - The Acorn Has Sprung

Ever feel that refreashing moment in your life when something completely changes and you are soaring on the clouds like Aladdin and Jasmine in the Disney movie Aladdin? That is how I feel today. Recently I changed publishing houses to Little Acorns Publishing LTD. Little Acorns is a new publishing house located in Wales, United Kingdom that offers personalized services to their authors. Not only will they publish your ebook, print or both but they also offer help with marketing. Their team includes authors, editors, artists and a tech geek who understand the publishing world. This morning I am happy to introduce the founder of the company, Kristina Jackson, as she explains how her company was founded.

From where do these ideas spring? From random sleeting bouts of inspiration that fly through the universe. I made the decision to self-publish my books without the use of a publisher. Traditional or Indie. It was a decision purely based on personal reasons. I had no idea then I would be doing this now. Then one dream fell crashing around my ears. It was at this point, whilst I was sitting with the metaphorical debris around my ears, did this idea come.

Enter Tasha Turner, my friend, my confidante. She sat there in her hospital bed, having survived a car crash that would have finished many, helping me build on my concept. Using her skills and working with her ideas, I was in a position to offer a new and exciting approach to Indie Publishing. But what we needed was a team, including at least one author!

Here a chance conversation with another friend, Allison Bruning, came into play. I gave her an un-biased opinion of her options. I suggested to her she might try doing it herself, the self-publishing route. She went away and thought about it. To my great surprise and pleasure, she asked if I would re-publish her book, Calico, for her. So I agreed.

Allison brought with her an editor, and I persuaded another good friend and fellow author to come and be the second editor. Both have a lot of experience and are equally excited to be part of something new!

Tasha then brought in the rest of her team, including the delightful Lisa Alford and the wonderful Jess Williams. Tasha and her team will be offering complete marketing services, as well social media coaching, at a flat rate for authors signing up for those packages. This team will help authors who are floundering in the marketing sea to grow and be strong swimmers.
I then brought in my husband David to help me run the business, my good friend Amy to be one of the artists, and finally my tech geek! My team is not complete–look out for opportunities down the line!

Here we are launch at day of Little Acorns Publishing, after long hours and hard work by all involved, ready to bring this launch ready for Beltane. Like the pagan festival it is when the Crone becomes the Maiden and meets the Oak King. A time for union, about new growth In this case something totally new.

I know what we will offer is not going to suit everyone. But with the use of as a launch pad for our authors, the benefits we can offer as part of this, as well as giving them benefits such as % on sales of the book-branded merchandise through our Zazzle store, we are in shape to be something exciting and different!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of my team members! You rock. Now the acorn has sprouted, let it grow sustainably and organically. If you would like to grow with us, look at our submission’s page, or contact us at

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guest Review: B. E. Schafer

Today's guest post comes from author B.E. Schafer. B.E. is the author of Obtuse. He has graciously offered to review the second edition of my book Calico which was released by Little Acorns Publishing House LTD out of Wales, United Kingdom.


When I picked up the novel Calico by Allison Bruning, I was not sure what to think.  With the mention of historical figures such as Chief Pontiac and Daniel Boone, I thought I was on a somber walk through American history as so many books of this caliber often does. I was sorely mistaken. 

This novel weaves well-researched history into an exciting frontier story.  Coupled with the fact that it dabbles into the realm of American Indian witchcraft and lore, that takes the reader into a dark world often overlooked in books written on the American Indian and the early frontier.  Bruning’s knowledge of American Indian History is well researched. 

In an uncivilized wilderness, Calico must cope with the loss of her family.  Adopted by the Shawnee young Calico is confused and lost.  Young Calico must forget her white-man past and live by the law of the Shawnee.  In a world where the man is the master and the woman a subservient, Calico come of age.

In a sinister plan where the once trusted white man becomes pitted against the Indian in a web of deceit and lies; lies of the white man or lies of the Indian?  This is the confusion Calico must face and a truth she must seek an answer.

If you like early American History, you will love CALICO.  If you like, dark magic you are in for a treat. Bruning brings these aspects together like a well-mixed margarita!  The first in a series leaves you thirsting for more.  I give Calico 5 stars.

Review by

B.E. Schรคfer