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Time to Party with Allison!

Get ready to party down! Join me from Sept 1st through Dec 2nd on a Fall Cruise you won't ever forget! Travel to far off places where interesting characters will give you the grand tour of the places they live, work or travel. We'll have fun contests with plenty of prizes. You never know what you will find on this tour. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

When is literary triage ever pretty?

Every author has them. Those deleted scenes that just didn't quite make the cut because it disrupted the flow of the story. Author, Raymond Frazee talks to us today about he dealt with the deleted scenes of his book. Take it away, Raymond.

I am a terrible writer.  No, really.

Today I’m suppose to tell you about deleted scenes, and show you one that I’ve removed from a story because—well, surprise, it didn’t fit, it ruined the flow, or, that old chestnut, it sucked hard.

These days I don’t often run into the problem of removing something because it doesn’t fit.  In the last couple of years I’ve learned to plot, to figure out where my story is going, and the route by which it will travel.  In other words, I’m a far better writer than I was twenty-five years before.

But, there was a time . . . a time when I’d put just about any crap on a page and thing, “Whoa, this is like the bestest evar!”

When I began writing my novel Transporting, I had the idea for the story, and the characters—but I didn’t actually know how the story was going to get from Point A to Point Z.  I’d taken one class in creative writing; I’d written a few things before getting into this novel; I’d joined a writer’s group.  I felt like a writer.

What did I know?

With that in mind I started out on Transporting.  I began work on what was going to be my “grand novel”.  In many ways it is, because if there is one piece that I’ve worked on for years, and learned how to plot, how to develop, and how to write, it’s that work.

Oh, and it also taught me how to edit.

I was about 150,000 words into the novel when I realized I had a tiger by the tail, and I needed to step back and think about what I was doing.  Little did I know that once I “stepped back,” it would be another five or six years before I returned to Transporting.  Real Life:  it is a pain in the butt.

Finally I reached a point where I was ready to start writing again.  I decided that I’d edit the story before I started putting down new chapters—

And I about crapped myself.

The first few chapters were good.  Not the greatest, but with a little polishing, they’d turn into something worth while.  But when I reached Part II of the novel—holy geez, what a mess.

Part II starts with a fight between my two main characters, and ends up with one of them running off with the intention of going on a binge of booze, drugs, and sex.  Which my character did—

Only he did it all wrong.

There where scenes where my main character met up with the person he was gonna spend the night with:  a gynoid (that’s a female-looking android for those who might have questions) who was very skilled in, shall we say, “multiple techniques”.  Someone who I had dressed up like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  Someone who was this girlbot with a great deal of wisdom, so much so that she’d talk my main character out of slamming his aerocraft into a mountain at twice the speed of sound . . .

It was chapter after chapter of this crap, at least seven total.  And each chapter was about three to five thousand words each, so . . . yeah, about twenty to thirty-five thousand words of pure drivel.

I mean, we’re talking a whole novella here that was total garbage.  And needed to be cut in a hurry.

Those chapters were completely rewritten:  not just once, but twice.  Next year I’ll begin the edit on that book again, and I know I’ll clean up everything, but I won’t have to cut stuff, because I know I have it as I want it.

It’s just a matter of polishing things to look and read nicely.

As for the stuff I cut from Transporting?  None of it remains.  I dropped it like a bad habit.  I remember it all, but did I ever want to go back and read that trash?  No.  Not ever.  Never.

But those chapters taught me a lesson.  At that time in my life I was in love with an idea for the story, and I thought it’d be cute as hell.  I was wrong; it was not what the story needed.  It threw the story off, and showed the main character as not being as out of control and self destructive as I wanted to show.  If anything, it made him come of as something of a pretentious dick, which is not what I wanted readers to see.

The moral of the story?  Know where you’re going before you go there.  Just having that bit of foreknowledge kept me from having to rewrite huge tracks of the story later on.

Trust me.  Triage is never pretty.

Friday, August 24, 2012

#BlogFlash2012: The Woods

This week we were asked to write about the woods. I have always loved the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is to go hiking in the woods. There is nothing like taking a hike in the backwoods somewhere. My love with the outdoors began at an early age for me. It was in Girl Scouts that my fascination with the camping, hiking and anything to do with the woods began. I was an avid backpacker with the dream to hike to Appalachian Trail someday. I still hold to that dream but haven't been able to work on that goal. Every summer my mom would send me to 4H camp, church camp and Girl Scout camp. By the time I was in  High School I was so in love with the woods I wanted to work at a camp. I was even an expert at surviving in the wilderness. I have never been more in my element than in the middle of the woods.

Nowadays, when I walk in the woods my mind wanders. I think about what life must have been like in the woods for the Native Americans and early explorers. It helps me to connect with a part of American history that has been long since forgotten with our cities. I love to write about the cultures of Woodland natives. They are so fascinating to me. I also love to experience life like they would have. The woods. A place of peace, tranquility and knowledge. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

#BlogFlash2012: Soccer and Mia Hamm

August 20, 2012

I haven't always been that much into sports except for when it comes to soccer!  I played soccer from 1st through 10th grades. I had fallen in love with the sport from an early age. I would watch the World's Cup and even cheered for a professional women's soccer league. I love the thrill of soccer! Sure, I was in track and cross country too but the one sport I couldn't wait to play was soccer! During my off season, I would take up track and cross country to help tone my body for running down the field. A long distance runner I played defense and midfielder. If you are a sprinter you do well on front. There's nothing like defending the goal. I was vicious and competitive. I wanted to be Mia Hamm! It's been a long time since I have played soccer let alone watched it. I will never forget my heroes, Mia Hamm and how she inspired girls everywhere to play in a mostly male dominated sport. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

When Does Retribution Become Revenge?

Chapter  4
When Does Retribution Become Revenge?
"The British had not only killed her real family, but her Shawnee family as well. It wasn't fair and it wasn't right. They had to do something. She wanted to strike back at the British."  pg. 22
In chapter 3 we are faced with a very angry little girl. Who can blame Calico for being angry after what we had just read in the previous chapters? Calico's parents had tried their best to shield their daughters from the tensions between the British, French and the native populations. If you will recall her father was French and her mother was British. Calico and Rose were born in 1756, right in the middle of the French and Indian War. The French and Indian War had just ended a year before our story takes place. She would have known about the battles. 

Being raised around the Shawnee and by parents who had abandoned Catholicism to practice the Shawnee religion, Calico would have also known about the law of retribution. In the Shawnee culture retribution was a common punishment for crime. Punishment was double if the victim was a woman.   If someone murdered another person the victim's family had every right to seek a life for a life. But take a deeper look at what Calico is wanting. Calico isn't wanting to punish someone for the murder of her parents. She asking for payment for all the Shawnee who had died. That's revenge not retribution. The Shawnee have gathered in the council house to discuss the matter because it is a tribal issue and not a personal one. They have just returned from war against the British and they are harboring a fugitive (remember the British are after Pierre because he is French and should not be in Kentucky at all). If Alexander and Pierre were too take retribution on behalf of Calico then the other family members of the Shawnee who had been killed would be allowed as well. What Calico seeks is war not retribution. 

What do you think the tribe should do about the murders?

Do you think Little Owl is being mean to Calico in this chapter or not?

If you were Calico what would you have done?

Knowing as little as you know of Rose, how do you think she is handling the situation?

Who is your favorite character so far and why?

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#PhotoADayAug: Lead the Way, Coke

August 14, 2012

You can't tell my husband is an undergraduate student and I'm a graduate student too much, can you? LOL! 

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#PhotoADayAug: Majestic Yet Simple

August 13, 2012

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#PhotoADayAug: Heritage Spoon

August 12, 2012

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#BlogFlash2012: USA has won!

August 12, 2012


Cue the music
The time has come
Americans everywhere
Lift your voices with a cheer.
The home of the brave and the free
Has won the Olympic today!

46 Gold,
29 Silver
and 29 Bronze
We’ve worked so hard
We’ve worked so long
The prize is won
It’s time to celebrate!

We bested the best
With pride in our heart
Our heroes showed the world
America stands proud and strong!

Dance for joy!
America has won!
The Olympics are ours!
Clap your hands!
Dance around
Our time has come
We’ve shown the world

TTVBT: Blogging Makes Me Batty

Blogging Makes Me Batty

Hello! Before I go on babbling I’d like to thank Allison for hosting me this week. Our virtual blog tour is winding down with four weeks to go. Yes, it’s dwindling down, it started back in May! If you haven’t been following us, it’s not too late. Promise. (And I will be giving away a copy of my erotic eBook novella, Let’s Keep On Truckin’ at the conclusion of the tour).

This week our assignment was to send our host a typical blog. Usually there is a theme for our assignment. This week we are on our own. Which used to be all right, but now I’ve gotten so used to blogging what we are assigned that I have no idea on what to blog about today.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am blogging about blogging.

I’m not a regular blogger. In the past I would try to blog at least once a week, in addition to hosting guests, or spotlights for other authors. At least that was the plan. I think I averaged four blogs per month in a good month, and that’s between two blogs. I have one for my other pen name (I also write young adult paranormal romance).  

I never know what to blog about. Do people follow me because I’m an author, or do they want to know more about me as a person? I ask myself this question every time I sit to blog. If I think about it too much I usually go blank.

So I have to ask you: What would you be interested in reading on my blogs? Do you want to hear my current and future plans for writing? Do you want to know my hang ups on my current WIP? Is it interesting that my family loves to travel and where we go? How about my photography hobby, do you want to see photos? Do you want to hear about my normal life? It’s not that exciting.
See how my brain goes when I start thinking about blogging? It’s all over the place and wonders aimlessly. 

I don’t check in on any particular blog on a regular basis so I don’t know what other people do. I choose my blog reading based on those recommended to me, or seeing a catchy title go by on my facebook newsfeed. I might need to follow a few people who blog on a regular basis and see how they do it.
Author Bio:
When Laci’s not reading or writing she can be found spending time with her husband supporting their children. Laci enjoys camping, hiking, & photography. And she loves to chat with fans on Twitter and Facebook. Laci and her family currently reside in Hampton Roads, VA. 

Blurb from “Let’s Keep On Truckin’” (By Laci Paige and Decadent Publishing, heat level 4).
Lily loves traveling on her job since no one can do it better than her. Being out on the open road gives her plenty of time to reflect and avoid unwanted attention, but somehow it always finds her....

When she comes across Ryder, first at a grocery store, then at a rest stop, sexual desire sparks and she knew she had to have him. If only her ex hadn't shown up, igniting a fantasy she never thought possible.

Seeing Alex in a whole new light, Lily realizes second chances are in order, but will she have to choose between the two men? Or could she be happy with both?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

#PhotoADayAug: The People's Princess

August 11, 2012

The Princess Diana Ty bear honors the people's princess with loving thoughts and memories. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

#PhotoADay2012: Rings

Photo A Day Challenge
August 10, 2012

I took this photograph at a friend's wedding. I wanted to express the deep love and commitment they have for one another. Marriage is about teamwork. What effects one will ultimately affect the other. 

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#BlogFlash2012: What Is Success?

Blog Flash 2012

What is success? Is it being famous, having lots of money and a large home? Or is it the tiny goals we all have that we want to achieve? Fame and fortune comes and goes. Right now everyone is focused on the Olympics. I can guarantee we will all remember these wonderful athletes until something else catches our eye. How does one find success when fame only last 15 minutes in the public’s eye? If you only focus on fame and fortune then you truly are missing the bigger picture. For materialistic success is only short lived but achieving you personal goals will last a lifetime. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

#PhotoADayAug: My Childlike Mess

Photo A Day Challenge
August 9, 2012

I took this photograph after a day of shifting through a pile of poems and handmade books I had created in my childhood. I still have the books I made for my grandmother when I was little. They are even more precious to me since my grandmother died a few years ago. She was my constant encourager and inspiration. 

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TTVBT: An Insiders Look At Lumen by Joseph Eastwood

This week on the Tasha Turner Blog Tour we are asked to share a portion of our book. My guest today is Joseph Eastwood.

Joseph Eastwood is the eldest of five siblings. He lives and grew up in Lancaster, England, where he also attends the University of Cumbria, studying English Literature and Creative Writing.

He has always had a giant creative connection in his life, from drawing and writing to having an eclectic taste in music and reading a wide range of books, which he hopes reflects in his own writing. He also loves watching sci-fi, supernatural and fantasy based TV shows and films. Among some of his favourites are Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood. As well as those he loves dramas, like The Good Wife and Desperate Housewives.

Joseph is either busy doing edits and writing or trying to get some university work done. He lives for creativity, striving to be different and thinking up new hoops for his characters to jump through. Check out this sneak peek into Joseph's book.

Daniel’s light yellow feathered wings unfurled from his back and threw him to the ceiling. It was an innate feeling as his fingers slipped into the grips of the worn away brick. He stayed, shaking, trying to control his breathing, before looking around and finding himself back in his bedroom.
His mother burst into his bedroom, panting. “Daniel,” she said, holding a hand against her chest, “get down from there, we have a guest.”
Daniel’s fully formed wings started to malt away; the feathers danced around in the air until they touched the floor and the skeleton of the wings thinned back into his body. He closed his eyes and took a tighter hold of the brick as his body filled with ecstasy.
“I’m not going to repeat myself,” she said, shaking her head at him.
“Well you don’t understand what it feels like,” Daniel said, releasing his fingers from the ceiling and sighing, he fell straight to his bed, half of the feathers bounced off while the others began reattaching themselves to his skin. He lay there for a moment, taking in the rush of energy as his mother watched. “I wish you could live that nightmare, for just one night.”
“Daniel, you know I hate to see you in pain, but this man is a very special guest. Come on, honey. Get dressed and come down, we’ll be waiting,” she said, closing the door as she left.
He lifted his head and all he could see were feathers, there wasn’t a part of the floor that hadn’t been covered. He swung his legs around and faced himself in the wall mirror across from his bed. He noticed he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt, in fact, the t-shirt he’d been wearing was now on the floor in two pieces, laid beneath the mass of feathers.
“Isn’t there an easier way of doing this,” he groaned, standing and walking through the feathers. They stuck to his feet and ankles, thinning into his skin and raising his energy level.
Daniel needed all the feathers back into his body because it was the product of him and his energy, and energy wasn’t easy to come by, at least not in the quantity Daniel used. But he was nearing the age of full ability, and full potential, yet every morning he displayed signs that he still wasn’t maturing, and that he still didn’t have full control over his abilities.

Comments from Author!
This is taken from the start of the book, I was going to give you guys the prologue as well, but that’s already online: so I figured that I should give you something new! I love this opening sequence, if I do say so myself, and I like it because I think after the prologue you want something to hook you, and anything that mentions people who have retractable wings is enough to hook me… is it enough to hook you?
Will you be adding it to your Goodreads to-read list?

About Lumen

Lumen is the first in the four-part Blood Luminary series following the characters, Daniel Satoria, Jac Lister and Mia Crosgrove.

Daniel, like all other adolescents on Templar Island is going through the final transition that will allow him to manipulate the bonds of energy and do more than just tamper with his own biological form.

After a near-death experience he is accepted into Croft's Academy, the only private school on the island and for someone like Daniel to gain access to such teaching is a privilege, and they won’t let him forget it. He tries to fit in, but that’s when things take a turn for the worst, and everything he once knew can’t be possible any more. He doesn't know who to trust or what to believe.

Add to Goodreads:

Contact Joseph

Links - Blog - Facebook page!/Joe_Eastwood - Twitter

#PhotoADayAug: True Love

Photo A Day
August 8, 2012


I took this at a friend's wedding.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How could Anna have done that to her own children?

"With tears running down his cheeks, Alexander ushered the girls from the room. Now alone, Anna grabbed the bottle of foxglove. She swallowed the contents of the small bottle and grimaced at the bitter taste. She gasped. The bottle fell from her hand onto the floor. She gripped the sheet as pain suffused her body and her heart ceased." -pg. 20

How could Anna, a loving and devoted mother, commit suicide instead of allowing her brother to try to heal her of the Smallpox? Anna knew she would ultimately face death and didn't want her daughters to face the same fate. Smallpox was a horrible, contagious disease that killed hundreds of people throughout the 17th and 18th centuries all over North America. As the daughter of a British trader she would have already known what Smallpox was due to the fact by the 18th century, Smallpox had already made its way into major European cities. She may not have recognized the symptoms but she knew what it would mean to be diagnosed with that fateful illness. When someone was diagnosed with Smallpox, it was common practice to isolate them from the public in order for the infectious disease not to spread. Smallpox could spread through inanimate objects, such as Anna wearing her husband's coat after he had contracted the disease. This way is less common. More than likely she caught the Smallpox directly from her dying husband. She had spent a entire night holding him in her arms as he died. Prolonged face to face contact with a person who has contracted Smallpox is the best way for someone to catch the disease. This is why Alexander, when he first saw Anna's rashes, would not be near her. He knew once the rashes had appeared she was highly contagious. Anna had ultimately saved her daughters' lives by neglecting them, sending for her brother to take them to the Shawnee and by killing herself do her children would not come near her body. She knew Alexander would burn her body along with the cabin. Anna had given her life to save her children. 

What would you do if you were in Anna's place?

What do you think the journey was like for the twins after they had watched the cabin burn with their mother's body inside?

How are you liking the book so far?

What do you think of Alexander?

#BlogFlash2012: Relaxing with Calico

Blog Flash #8
Relaxing With Calico
She just loves to hunt

"That afternoon, she left with Pierre, Blue Lark, Hunting Bear, and Creek's brothers-in-law. Deep in the wilderness, the men split into groups of three. She followed Hunting Bear and Pierre; the brothers worked in perfect harmony. Off to her right, a deer stood with a pair of six-point antlers. It's eyes stared into hers with a deep gaze. She knew the deer offered its life. Calico stood still, aimed, and then shot, only to miss the heart. The shot hit the deer in the leg. The deer panicked and ran. Calico's heart jumped. Unable to load her weapon, she screamed." - pg. 61 of Calico

Calico is available on Amazon at

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#PhotoADayAug: 8 O'clock

August 7, 2012
"8 o'clock"

My oven tells me its 8:00 at night.
Man, how time has flown today.

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Ancient Greece: Home of the Ancient Olympics

History of the Olympics

Michael Phelps in 2008
by marcopako 's photostream @

The past week and a half has been a fun filled time for everyone all across the globe as thousands of people have descended upon London, England for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. I, like most people in the world, have been watching from my television or keeping tuned in via the internet. Isn't it wonderful how various cultures from all around the world can peacefully join together in one place and cheer on their nation for the race to win the gold? As I contemplate the Olympic spirit while rooting for the United States to bring home the gold (as I write this we are in second place for the most medals with Great Britain in third) I think about how the Olympics all began. The untold stories, the meaning behind the symbols and what stories are yet to be told. 

Where did it all begin?
The first historical documentation we have for the Olympic Games traces to ancient Greece during 776B.C., yet it is believed the Greeks had been conducting them longer than that. Greek legends tell us that it was Hercules who started the first Olympic Games. The poet Pindar wrote:

Hercules by Jasmine Ramig
The Olympic Games 
The Strong son of Zeus' drove the whole of his host 
And all his booty to Pisa, 
And measured a holy place 
For his mighty Father. 
He fenced the Altis and marked it off 
In a clean space, and the ground encircling it 
He set for rest at supper 
In honour of the ford of Alpheos 
And the twelve Kings of the Gods. 
To Kronos' Hill he gave a name: for before 
It was nameless when Oenomaos ruled, 
And drenched with many a snowstorm. 
In this first birthday-rite 
The Fates stood near at hand, 
And he who alone proves the very truth, 
Time. In his forward march 
He has revealed all clearly: 
How Hercules portioned the booty, war gift, 
Made sacrifice and founded 
The fourth year's feast 
With the first Olympiad 
And the winning of victories. 
Pindar c. 518 - 438 BC

Ancient Athletes
 The ancient olympics served as a major religious event that brought several Greek city states together in order to please Zeus, the leader of the Olympian Gods. Every Greek city-state was invited to attend the festivities. The Greeks had colonies that reached from Spain, Italy, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and Turkey. People would travel from all over to the plains of Olympia to participate and watch. Unlike our modern day Olympics, there were restrictions on who could participate as an athlete. Only athletes who had been born a Greek could participate. It would be just like saying today, only English born athletes could participate because England is the host. Just as today, the athletes who did participate in the events were often admired by the public. You can read some of the ancient athletes stories here: The ancient sports included Boxing, Equestrian events (chariot riding and riding), Pankration (a combination of wrestling and boxing), Running and Wrestling. The Summer 2012 Olympics in London has 302 events in 26 sports! What a vast difference!

Ancient Greece Vase by Patrick Hoesly
Since all Greek boys are trained in athletics the games were open to any Greek males to participate. Married women were not allowed to participate nor watch the games. Unmarried women were allowed to watch the games but not allowed to participate.  Unmarried women were allowed to participate in the Herean Games. These games were conducted in honor of Hera, Zeus wife, and were staged every four years.
Some Olympic athletes trained vigorously for the games while other did not. The games held several preliminary matches or heats to determine which athletes were the best. The qualifying athletes would then compete in the semi finals and finals. Today's Olympics follow the same procedure. At the end of the finals, the athlete who won was immediately announced by the Hellanodikis, a Greek judge who would place a palm leave in the athlete's hand. The spectators would cheer and shower the athlete with flowers. To show him victorious, a red ribbon was tied around his head and hands. On the last day of the games, all the victorious athletes would be escorted to the temple of Zeus. There, the Hellanodikis would announce the name of the athlete, his father and his hometown. Afterwards he would place the infamous wreath of olive leaves upon the athletes head. The wreath was considered sacred.  The celebrations did not end there for the athlete. Once he arrived back to home, his hometown would often reward him as well. His town might make a statue of him. They would also award him with a lifetime supply of food, money, tax breaks, honorary appointments or leadership appointments. He would become the hero of his village.

Next time we will continue our study into the history of the ancient olympics as we explore the Olympic Spirit.

What is your favorite Olympic sport to watch?

Who is your favorite athlete?

If you could go to any Olympic city where would you go?

Monday, August 6, 2012

#PhotoADayAug: Historical Fiction Author

August 6, 2012

There is a difference between someone who writes as a hobby than someone who writes for a living. I have a passion for writing. I took my passion and made it into a career. Yet I still find some people don't quite understand that its a career and not a hobby. Creative Writing is an art form. It takes practice to perfect and find your voice. I created this in response to the people in my life who told me to quit my writing and get a real job. 

BlogFlash 2012/6: A Good Writer Is A Good Reader

August 6, 2012

You Have To Read If You Want To Succeed!

If I could give one piece of advice to any author, other than to never give up on chasing their dreams, I would have to say "You cannot succeed if you don't read." Why? Every genre had it’s own literary flow. A historical fiction isn’t going to read like a romance book and vice versa, for example. If you are going to write in any genre you need to read books from that genre. By reading both books in the genre you are writing in, you will start to find your own voice. That is how authors are made.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

#PhotoADayAug: Logo

Photo A Day
August 5, 2012


I took a photo of my logo and my book for today's entry. 
Calico is available at

A haunting prophecy has been cast against her. In a harsh world deep within the western American territories of Ohio and Kentucky, French Duchess Calico Marie Turner must learn to survive among the Shawnee and to trust the one man who hates her the most, Chief Little Owl Quick as the Wind.

Calico’s story will immerse you deeply into the world of the frontier Shawnee, where you will find characters at once surreal and totally believable. Bruning’s knowledge of Native American and colonial era language is captivating to read. Her understanding of the period clothing, habits, and lifestyle is evident as she weaves a tale that draws you in from the first chapter and leaves you hungry for more.

If you like my photographs, please do not reuse them unless you give me credit for them where ever you are posting them. Let me know where you are using them as well. I just love to see where my pictures end up.  Thanks, 

BlogFlash 2012/5: Aspergers

August 5, 2012 

I walk in a world,
Oblivious to the social cues,
Most people see.

My spatial, literacy intelligence superb
Yet mathematical and logic lost?
Daily frustrated by those who don’t understand.

“Stop playing games.
You just want attention,”
The teachers and professionals claim.

Oh, how I want people to understand me.
I’m alone in a world that doesn’t understand.

Am I naïve?
Am I dumb?
How can I live in a world when nothing makes sense?

Relationships gained, relationships gone.
Problems at work,
People’s feeling hurt
Yet I don’t understand why.

#PhotoADayAug College Chair

August 4, 2012
"Something You Sat On"

This is the chair where I do all my writing, my school work and anything else that needs to be done. The books on the side are my book for graduate school. I'm studying to get my Master of Fine Arts in Entertainment at Full Sail University. I am also an author. My chair sits at a round table. I love round tables because everyone is equal. 

If you like my photographs, please do not reuse them unless you give me credit for them where ever you are posting them. Let me know where you are using them as well. I just love to see where my pictures end up.  Thanks, 

Friday, August 3, 2012

BlogFlash2012/3: Colors Set The Mood.

August 3, 2012
Colors Set The Mood

Did you know you can alter your mood just by the color you wear? It’s called Color Psychology. Color Psychology isn't just limited to the color of the clothes we wear. It can also be applied to your own home by painting the walls of any room to acquire the feel you want to generate. Don't believe me? Try it. Hospitals have begun to use color psychology and it is working. Interior decorators have been using color psychology for years. Here’s a link that tell you more about the effects different colors have on our moods.

#PhotoADayAug: Smile, Happy Coins

Photo A Day Challenge
August 3, 2012

I took this photograph after my husband and I went on a picnic at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison, Indiana. 
I call it, "Smile, Happy Coins."

If you like my photographs, please do not reuse them unless you give me credit for them where ever you are posting them. Let me know where you are using them as well. I just love to see where my pictures end up.  Thanks,