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CWA: Having A Howling Of A Good Time With A #Wolf.

The howl of something mysterious echoes in the wide evening sky above you. Lost in the middle of the forest with the other cruise participants, Tasha and Dalton; you not to certain what to expect. You had secretly arrived to this location via the ship's transporter. Once again, you had gone to bed and awoke to find yourself dressed and somewhere you don't recall being before. This morning you went on a long hike with Tasha and some of the others. The deep forest and large mountains teased you into thinking you were still in Colorado. You had asked Tasha about it but she only told you that you were nowhere near Colorado or civilization. You had been thrust into the wild. The soldiers that surrounded the area were only there to protect you and the others. Protect you from what?

The howling grows closer. You skin crawls with anticipation of an attack. The warrior in you beckons to be alert. Anything could happen. You can't trust anyone on this cruise. Hadn't you been subjected to time travel, vampires, a talking cat, magic and other odd circumstances? What's next a talking wolf?

Wold in New Mexico by SiSter PhotograPer

Hello. My name is Convel and I…am a wolf. The place you will be getting to know is far from the human cities, or what remains of them. You will need to tread carefully, though of course the pack will be able to hear you. As long as you stay at my side and don’t touch anything, you will be fine.

*Convel growled gently, his tail wagging only slightly before he headed down the side of a cliff into an immense chasm. Over one half of the chasm was filled with thickly leafed trees, though the wolf led the reader down into the more open side of the chasm. Steps had to be taken carefully before they stepped onto flat, snow-covered ground.*

This is where we live. The forest is where we hunt, and we have two dens we sleep in. The smaller one is here, and if you look to the side you can see a frozen pool of water that we use to drink from when we are here. This is the space that we play in most the time. You need to watch your footing though, the snow is deep and in places there are a lot of ice-patches.

*Without hesitating, the black male wolf headed towards the largest opening and stuck his head inside as though testing it was safe for the person he was leading about. With a slow nod, he clearly judged it safe before stepping aside to reveal the murky insides, the walls around at head-height and even taller marked with faint claw marks far beyond anything a wolf could make.*

This was our first den, and little did we know that it had been home to something far deadlier…but I believe a certain Author will have my fur. If you’ll follow me now, we’ll head into the forest now. Watch above you though- cougars are a bit of a pest around here. They tend to spring from above us. The snow in the forest is deeper, darker than you will be used to so keep me in sight or else you may find yourself lost.

*Convel partly disappeared into the shadows as he walked, though he was courteous enough to head back and check on the reader before urging them on silently. They came across various clearings with scuffled snow, but the wolf didn’t hesitate there until it came to the stream, where he drank. His tail wagged lightly before he lifted his head and wagged his tail. He leaped at the reader, pushing them into the snow as a golden frame soars into the air and then takes off following his furious growl.*

I’m afraid that it’s not safe for you to go any further into the territory. If you want to head back, I’ll go get the pack and make sure that that cat is punished for attacking a guest. Thanks for joining us today.

Dominique Goodall is the author of Echoes of Winter, available on December the 11th. Echoes of Winter is the first book in the Seasons of the Wolf series - just proving the author to be a self-confessed wolf addict. She has currently been published in two anthologies by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and is currently working on getting herself better known by sending in manuscripts for as many different anthologies as she possibly can.

As much as she loves to admit it, she never will be able to count her wolf stuff- there’s nothing left for her to be truly able to collect without her own home.

She can be friended on Facebook here: Her author page on Facebook is here: The page for Echoes of Winter is here: Her twitter name is:!/DomGoodall And her blog can be found here:
And the trailer for her book is here:

Award Winning Short Story!

I have won third place in the Best Short Story contest that was hosted on Ericka Szabo's blog. The story, Field of Grace, was written this summer for the Tasha Turner Virtual Blog Tour. Since writing this story I have expanded upon it to make into a film for my thesis project. I also plan to make it into a novel. So here it is folks. The story that won the award. FIELD OF GRACE!

“It all happened right here,” My father says as we climb upon the top of the picnic table. I stare out towards the farmer’s field. Nothing lies before me except cornfields and a small pond on my left with a few trees around it. This trip was a complete waste of time. Today’s Father’s Day. I had come home to Marion for my summer break from college. It hadn’t been a long trip home from Ohio State University. Fact was, I could have visited home more often. Marion didn’t lie very far from Columbus. It wasn’t like it would have taken me weeks or days to go home but I had grown up in the small town and wanted as far, away from there as possible! When you’re related to over half the people in the county the last place you want to be is in the county.

“I don’t see anything but rocks, trees, dirt and plants. Let’s go dad. I thought you wanted to go hiking somewhere special. All we’ve done is driven out of town, towards LaRue and asked a farmer if we could hike in his fields. I was expecting to go hiking at Mohican State Park not in some farmer’s back field!”

“Johnny, this is a special place. This is where it happened.”

“Where? What happened,” I asked totally annoyed at my father’s speculative answer. Why couldn’t he give me a straight answer?

“This is where our family line almost died in the summer of 1912.”

I looked at my dad with a curious face. Died? Alright I had to admit he had peaked up my curiosity. 

“1912, that would be my great, great grandparents,” I asked.

“Yes.” My father stood silent for a long moment. I really hated when he did that.

“Well, what happened,” I asked enthusiastically.

My father smiled and pointed towards an old dirt road covered with grass. “It happened right there.” The events laid before me as I saw the story happen before my eyes.

Twelve year old Stella McGavish peered out the window her father’s two benched Ford Model T. The large field full of people, cars, wagons and horses came into her view. The further her father drove the more the large white tent came into view. Woman and children ran along the field yelling, “The preacher and his family are here. They’re here! They’re here!” Deep in her heart she was grateful her parents had decided to leave her six brothers and two sisters at home. This was going to be a special day indeed! Just her and her parents bring the Lord’s message to the masses. “Ma,” Stella said leaning over the back of the front bench.

“Stella, sit back,” Mrs. McGavish said.

“Look at all the people! There’s so many you can’t see the grass!”

“The good Lord has provided, Stella. There’ll be plenty of sinners to join our flock,” Preacher McGavish answered with an Appalachian accent.

“Isn’t it exciting though. You said God called us out of the mountains of West Virginia to lead his people who live in Ohio back to him. Just look,” Stella beamed.

“Yes, baby girl. I am excited too,” her father answered with a disciplined look. “But let us not forget we are not here to celebrate we are here to do God’s will. This is the beginning of the tent revivals. There’ll be plenty of time to celebrate when the week is through.”

“Yes, sir,” Stella answered then leaned back in her chair.

The day had gone by so quickly. Her father had preached for three hours then they ate lunch. Lunch had been wonderful. One of the members from her father’s congregation had secured meat from the local grocer in Marion while the women had made the sides and dessert. Stella couldn’t remember the last time she had ever eaten so much food! But now she was beginning to think having so much to eat hadn’t been such a great idea. Stella slowly backed out of the tent, hoping not to cause much of a scene as her father was preaching. She clutched her arms over her stomach, grimaced and ran out of the tent. She fell to her knees and vomited. Tears ran down her eyes from the excruciating pain.

“Stella,” her mother’s voice beckoned from behind her.

“It hurts. I ate too much,” Stella cried.

“You’re not the only one sick.” Her mother said placing the back of her hand on her daughter’s cheek. 

“You are burning with fever.” Her mother lifted her up in her arms and ran inside the tent. Men and woman ran around the tent aiding those who were ill. When had so many become ill? Her mother laid her on the ground next to the sick men, women and children. Stella closed her eyes.
Rain trickled upon the top of the tent. A soft breeze gently blew inside. Stella turned her head, slowly opening her eyes. The grassy floor underneath the tent had been replaced by ailing bodies of men, women and children. Three adults moved from between the sick yet none of them was her father. Where was he?! She turned her right. Her mother lay beside her with her arm around Stella’s father. 

“Ma,” Stella called pushing her mother. Her mother never replied.

My father paused as he stared into nothing. “What happened? Stella had to live. She was my great great grandmother,” I said towards him anxiously awaiting his reply.

“She almost died too. The revival was an hour and a half away from town. When Stella had awakened one of the elders had already left to get the doctor in Marion. He never made it.”


“He got sick, had a car accident and died. But none of the congregation knew it. The people stayed in the tent for the night. Many of them grew worse but no one died. The following more the three remaining elders grew concerned so one of the men went to Marion. He found the accident on his way into town. When he saw the man was dead he continued on towards Marion. Later that morning, the doctor had arrived to the revival with plenty of help. When the town had heard of Pastor McGavish’s ailment and the others who were suffering they immediatly wanted to help him. So they loaded up their cars and wagons then followed the doctor out to the encampment. There they found twenty-seven men, woman and children all suffering from extreme food poisoning.”

“Food poisoning? How?”

“The grocer had sold them bad meat but they weren’t the only ones who had been ill from the meat. Many families in Marion had suffered from the same thing. It was a terrible case and some of the townspeople had died from it.”

“Stella’s mom?”

“She survived. It could have been much worse for everyone had the doctor never arrived when he did and with the help he had they were able to transport everyone to the hospital just in time. The event had affected everyone involved. The grocer felt bad about the meat. He never again contracted with the farmer who had sold it to him. He almost went out of business but after awhile the people forgave him. Pastor McGavish and his family had been outsiders in the community. They had faced many hardships because they were from another state. You see in Marion County its all about who you are related to and still is to this day. Don’t get me wrong, son. Our family is big and very protective of all our family members but we are good people. Pastor McGavish learned that. He saw the same people who had appeared cold-hearted to him and his family had mercy, love and kindness in their hearts. He began to have a greater appreciation for the people of his new hometown, Marion. And the people of Marion? Well, after the incident, little by little they began to open up to the new pastor. Pastor McGavish’s congregation grew so large they had to move out of home and build a church. It still stands today and even though its been generations since he was alive people still flock to his Methodist Church.”

“Seems to me it wasn’t the people who learned a lesson that day but Grandfather McGavish.”

“Indeed. He and the people learned to have a greater appreciation for the community they lived in, the neighbors around then and their own lives. It just goes to show you that when someone helps you they are showing mercy, compassion and love. We just have to open our own hearts to accept them for who they are. We can’t change someone into something they are not. We are all different and we should be grateful for that. What a boring place this world would be if we were all the same. With mercy, love and compassion for others we can change the world for the better. That is what everyone learned that day.”

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CWA:Paranormal Wonderings in Taylor Crossing, Colorado

The majestic Rocky Mountains surround you as the cruise ship descends into box canyon hidden away deep in the mountains. Despite the beauty of this place something just doesn't feel right. You wonder if your just being paranoid after the little incident yesterday in Scotland. The ship lands with a slight thump and you feel it settle into its place.

"Good morning, everyone,"Tasha's voice beams from over the speakers. "Today's tour will be an interesting one for us. We have been to several mysterious places and seem some incredible sights. You will need to keep your eyes focused today. While there are no dangers out here that warrant the use of the my unit there are some unexplained activity. Parents please keep your children close to you. Everyone you will not be allowed to leave the group to wander around today. I know it will be tempting to do so. This is a beautiful place. Yet most often it is the beauty of something that lures us towards the greatest of deceptions."

Most often it is the beauty of something that lures us towards the greatest of deceptions? Could Tasha be onto your deception? Nah, couldn't be. You had made certain to hide your tracks well. Or had you?

Lake O'Hara by Ben Lawson

Hey, I’d welcome you to Taylor Crossing, Colorado.  But truthfully, right now I’m not sure you want to be here.  I’m Rory Callahan, and I’m a visitor here in Taylor Crossing, just like you.  How’d I come to this small tourist town in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado?

It wasn’t the beautiful scenery, even though it’s spectacular, isn’t it?  Look at the lake – see the mountains reflecting on the lake’s surface?  Have you ever seen anything so incredible?  In the winter the snowcapped peaks are breathtaking, even though it’s freezing cold.

And across the lake, look past all the rowboats…can you see the cabin over there?  That’s where I’m staying.  It’s isolated over there, not another cabin anywhere nearby.  If you read my account of what happens in Taylor Crossing.  It’s called Nephilim Genesis of Evil.  In it, you’ll find out why that cabin is all by its lonesome, and you find out a whole lot more…

Back to why I’m here.  I’m a journalist, an expert in paranormal phenomena; I research not only ghosts and vampires, but other psychic phenomena, people supposedly coming back to life, séances, crop circles, and on and on.  I expose the charlatans and find the truth behind “unexplained” things.  But I came across something I couldn’t explain and that led me here.

Look around the town.  There’s a small general store, an art gallery, a quaint café, and a number of cabins for rent.  The Indian Peaks tower in the distance, pine trees create a verdant blanket over the rough terrain, and aspen trees shimmer green in the sunlight. Taylor Crossing is a slice of heaven in the Rocky Mountains.

But the town also has a dark past.  And something is happening now…I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think you’d better be on your way.  You don’t want to stay here, not now…

Amazon link:

Author Bio:

Renée Pawlish is the award-winning author of the bestselling Nephilim Genesis of Evil, the first in the Nephilim trilogy, the Reed Ferguson mystery series (This Doesn't Happen In The Movies, Reel Estate Rip-off, The Maltese Felon, and the short story Elvis And The Sports Card Cheat), The Noah Winters YA Adventure series (The Emerald Quest), Take Five, a short story collection, and The Sallie House: Exposing the Beast Within, a nonfiction account of a haunted house investigation.

ée has been called “a promising new voice to the comic murder/mystery genre” and “a powerful storyteller”.  Nephilim Genesis of Evil has been compared to Stephen King and Frank Peretti.

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It's the Next Best Thing - Irish Style

Artwork done by Pride of the Irish

What is the title of your book? 

Gaelic Twist of Fate: Bailey's Revenge
This is book one of a series. 

Where did the idea for the book come from?   

I was working on the sequel to Calico when the seed for this story had popped up in a dialogue between two new characters. When I left Little Acorns I had them pull Calico from the market. My new publisher and I decided Calico needed more work done to it. I asked if I could redo the series.  My interest has shifted from just telling the series through the twins to representing their grandmother, mother and daughters with their own series. I also had a lot of fans tell me they wanted to hear Anna's story.  The response was yes. Gaelic Twist of Fate traces the story of Calico's grandmother, Kathleen McGillpatrick, in Ireland. Anna will be born in this series. The next series will be about Anna, how she met Calico's father and her life in the wild Kentucky frontier. The third series will be the Children of the Shawnee series which is Calico's story. The final series will be about Calico's daughter and their life in Techumseh's village. Four series with powerful, strong women who transformed their lives to better themselves and their family.

What genre does your book fall under?  

Historical fiction with a strong female lead. 

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?  

It will be published by Master Koda Select Publishing. You can learn more about the house at

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your book? 

I'm still writing it. I just finished the first 50,000 words of the manuscript with NaNoWriMo and plan to have the first draft finished in December. 

Give a one sentence synopsis of your work. 

 When the sister of an Irish  Catholic rebel leader falls in love with an English Protestant Earl she must choose between the loyalty to her family or the love she has for her enemy. Who will she betray?

What other works would you compare your story to?  

Great question! I am a huge fan of Margaret George and the way she allows her readers to hear the untold stories of history through a strong female's voice. I try to do that with my books as well. 

I have been told by my publisher that my book reminds her of Brad Fleming's new book "Role of Dishonor" His main character's name is Kathleen and she falls in love with her enemy. My book takes place in 1738 Ireland when the Penal Codes were in effect. Brad's takes place in modern Ireland and deals with the same Catholic-Protestant issues mine deals with. Both our main characters are named Kathleen. We didn't know about each other's books while we were writing them. 

Who or What inspired you to write this book? 

I think the four series I mentioned above have been in the making for awhile. When I started writing Calico I had no idea it would become so large that I would have to break it up. I have a long list of books that are my WIP to do board and am looking forward to writing them. 

As for Bailey's Revenge. I have always been interested in Irish culture and history. When I was writing Calico I really wanted to make certain Calico's mother was Irish pretending to be English. I knew there were conflicts between Anna's parents. I also know Kathleen was hiding secrets from her children in order to protect them and that Kathleen's sister, Fiona, raised Kathleen's children. I also knew Kathleen would speak Gaelic to her children and secretly teach them the old Irish ways. Isaac would demand his children to claim their British heritage over their Irish one. He would beat them anytime they didn't or disobey them. I had all of this in place before I laid a single word down. I also had Fiona's admission to Pierre in Rose that her son, Tomas was Anna's first husband. She went into detail about Anna's childhood and the circumstances. With these tidbits already in place I dove into research about Ireland during the mid 18th century and began to write. 

And here's a taste of Bailey's Revenge
“What brings you to my estate,” Tomas asked Earl Isaac Turner.

“I have heard rumors Bailey McGillpatrick has been seen in the vicinity. I thought perhaps you had information concerning his whereabouts.”

Tomas swallowed hard. How could word have reached his friend of Bailey’s presence in Collinsworth? Hadn’t he been cautious enough to ensure Bailey and his family’s safety? “I have no knowledge of his location. Perhaps he has travelled north towards Dublin.”

“I had thought the same yet one of your tenant farmers has come forth with information claiming he saw a band of rebels carrying Bailey and Sherlock’s bodies in the back of a wagon towards your great house.”

Tomas chuckled, “And you believed him? No Catholic tenant farmer on my estate is loyal to me. I betrayed my family.”

“This person was not Catholic.”

Tomas stopped in the middle of the road at the base of the hill. Every protestant family he lorded over or was friends with had believed his lies. Who could have possibly betrayed him? Isaac stared at him with a serious look.  “Are you insinuating that I had something to do with the rebels,” Tomas asked.

“Do you?”

“I am insulted, Isaac. If I had knowledge of the rebel’s location you would be the first I would divulge that information to. How could you believe I would betray you?”

A moment of tension and silence passed between the two men.  Tomas held his gaze on Isaac as his friend studied his reaction. Every minute mannerism had to be controlled. Isaac was not only a master manipulator but also an excellent human lie detector. The English Earl could never learn the truth. Tomas was harboring rebels, helping Catholic priests and allowing the priests to hold mass in his home for the entire Catholic population of Collinsworth.  As if those activities weren’t enough to endanger his livelihood, Tomas was also one of Bailey’s closest advisors. Should Isaac ever learn of Tomas’ treason he could steal the estate from him. He had to convince Isaac he was on the wrong path. He took a step towards the barrel chested man. “Isaac, I think you have paranoid.”


“You had captured Bailey and Sherlock McGillpatrick, tortured them and then went to England to report you had two of the most wanted Irish rebel leaders in custody. When you returned they had escaped. I know, my dear friend, that must have hurt not only your pride but also your standing at court. You’re looking to lie blame with someone when it was your own ignorance that allowed the transgression to come to pass.”

Isaac clutched his jaw. “Forgive me,” he snarled.

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New Look and Book

You may have noticed some of my poems and essays have disappeared. This is because I have placed them into book format. Reflections: Poems and Essays contains all the poems and some of the historical essays from my blog. There are new essays and poems as well. 

You can find this book at the following link

My new publisher is MasterKoda Select Publishing. My next novel, Bailey's Revenge (book one of the Gaelic Twist of Fate series), will be released in February 2013.  More information coming soon. 

CWA: Love and Deception in Romantic #Scotland

Lush green hills surround you as you pause on the secluded Scottish trail towards your next tour. Ah, Scotland. Full of legends, mysteries and history. You had always wanted to visit this beautiful land. While the other guest meander around the ancient graveyard you decide to walk to the several stone outcroppings. You come upon a secret cave and crouch down to explore the small structure. The opening is just large enough to fit a child. You wonder if, since you are in the present, you might be able to hide some of the larger items in your sachel until you return for them after the cruise is over. It was best to chose several different location in the present to hide your belongings and if you hide them here it would give you an excuse to return to Scotland. You lean into the cave and begin to dig quickly making a hole in the floor towards the right wall. Next, you remove some of the items from your satchel, wrap them in some spare leather you had stolen from a previous stop and hide it deep in the hole you created. You cover the hole with dirt them make certain to place twigs, rocks and other natural items over it so no one would suspect that there was something in there.

You hear Tasha and Dalton start to call the group together. Time to get moving. As you back your way out of the cave you think you hear someone pull a gun on you.

"I knew there was something off about  you," the female soldier says with her gun to your head. "What are you doing?"

"I love caves and was wondering how far this cavern goes."

"Right, or maybe you are trying to steal something."

"Oh, please. Do you honestly think...." In one swift move, as if you had never left the army, you slam the person to the ground and disengage the gun from the soldier's hand. The soldier knocks you to the ground. With arms and legs, entangled with hers the two of you wrestle down the hill landing on the trail. People scream, holding back their loved ones so the two of you don't harm them. You grab a large rock and slam it several times until the soldier is unconscious. With blood trickling down from your nose you rise from over the soldier.

"What's going on here," Tasha demands coming from the back of the group.

"There's your thief. I caught her hiding the things she stole in a small cave by the three boulders standing upright. She was going to kill me then claim I was the thief. I was able to disarm her. You'll find her gun up there and a bundle buried in the cave close to the wall."

Tasha orders a group of soldiers to where you had buried the items and another group to arrest the soldier you had defeated. You lean over, out of breath, with blood pouring from your nose and head. It had been a long time since you were in combat and you could feel it. Now that Tasha had someone to blame you were going to have to be more careful about what you steal at the next stops. You can't steal anything here. I was too hot now.

Scotland by Moyan Brenn

Hello, my name is Alex Daniels. Welcome to the cruise and your next stop, Glasgow, Scotland. Derek and I will show you around.

Once in Glasgow they spent hours walking the streets as Derek showed Alex some of his favorite sights.  He was excited to show her his old stomping grounds. That first afternoon they walked along Buchanan Street looking at the Edwardian architecture housing modern art galleries and shops and spent time at the Lighthouse on Mitchell Street, walking up the 135 steps to view the city from the top.  They passed back through Buchanan Street at night, the blue streets lights illuminating the shop fronts.  Alex had never been out of North America and marveled at the centuries old building designs.

The next afternoon they strolled to Sauchiehall Street to relax at the Willow Tea Room.  Alex was in awe. The outside was white and black, a  modern design, especially compared to the Victorian style buildings surrounding it.  They were shown to a room in the back, a bit darker than the front, with a cozy fireplace.  Old photos of Charles Mackintosh, the building designer, and Kate Cranston, the original owner, lined the walls giving the place a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  They enjoyed tea and talked about actors Derek had worked with. 

Sauchiehall Street was a busy place.  There was a large concert hall and shops from end to end.  At one corner Derek and Alex passed a group of bagpipe players in kelts performing traditional Scottish music.  In an area farther down a street band with a drummer, two guitar players and a saxophonist were playing a more modern tune.  There was something for everyone. 

Every place they went Alex experienced something new; a sight, a smell, a taste.  Even the weather was unique to her; all four seasons could be experienced in one day.  Scotland was irresistible in every way.  Derek had become irresistible too.  Every look and touch from him made her senses tingle. 

Their room in the Alamo Guest House was spacious and cozy, a Victorian bed and breakfast. The large fireplace was warm and inviting.  They had requested one of the suites with an extra large tub for two.  The owners made them feel welcome and part of their family.  Even their cat was charming, visiting them every morning before breakfast. The hospitality was unlike anything Alex had experienced.  She wasn’t well travelled and her only experience with hotels was Motel 6 on the rare occasion Josh took her anywhere.  

The Alamo was on the west end of Glasgow, in the arts district, overlooking the Kelvingrove Park.  The view was magnificent. The park was lush with nature, plants and wildlife.  After dinner Derek and Alex strolled through the tranquil park.  They walked past victorian statues, the Kelvin River and the center fountain, dedicated to Robert Stewart who brought fresh water to Glasgow many years ago.

The instant they arrived in Glasgow all the feelings of gloom Alex had been harboring melted away.  In the mornings she woke blissful and at peace. Derek’s slightest touch caused her to burn with desire.  Every fiber of her being was consumed by him every morning and night.  She was never too tired and he was always willing to oblige. Each climax stronger than the last, each feeling as though their last breath lay in the other’s chest. Their passion for one another’s touch grew with each passing day.  Derek had never felt such a connection to anyone.  Alex was lost in her desire.

After exploring Glasgow’s art galleries from the west to the south side, the couple ventured to Edinburgh.  It was only a one hour drive through rich farmland and rolling hills.  They passed the M8 Church in Salsburg, Kirk of Schott’s Parish Church, built in 1450.  It was repaired and rededicated in 2007 and a very popular landmark in Scotland.  The countryside along their route was lush and bursting with life.  Alex never realized how much she had been missing, not just from never traveling but in her everyday existence.  She now had a fire in her, as if opening her eyes for the first time.

Derek reveled in watching Alex’s reactions.  Very few people he met enjoyed the things he did.  He had a couple friends he’d known for years that loved to travel, see amazing things, live on the edge, but none of them were women.  Alex was open to anything.  She saw great beauty in the smallest parts of nature as well as marveled at the grandeur sights.  

This is just one stop of many Derek takes me on as our love for one another grows. My life is mostly in Dallas, Texas, at least, it was...

I was married 20+ years, had a job that was alright, a life that just plodded along and something exciting happened. I won a trip to New York to visit my favorite talk show, The Veronica Becker Show! The best part, which I didn’t know until I arrived, was that my all-time actor crush was a guest that day! Talk about the best day ever!

I actually got to meet Derek Dunbar in person. He even spend some time talking with me, took me to dinner and introduced me to a bit of New York. We had a connection.

Four years later, my husband and I are in a terrible car wreck. My husband dies and I am in comma for three days. When I come out, Derek has come to check on me. As my life attempts to go back to normal, something that can never be, Derek whisks me away to Scotland. Of course, we have obstacles to overcome as we learn what we really want out of life.

Join me in Take 2, releasing December 2012, MasterKoda Select Press.

Take 2 is Linda Bolton’s first release. When she’s not writing she is a new GiGi, playing with her new granddaughter, Z, working full-time and writing. While working on a future projects Linda can be found:

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CWA: Onto Victory

Another small town in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn't have it any other way. When you awoke this morning you found yourself back in your bed. You couldn't remember much about what had happened to you yesterday except that you were talking to a black cat and it was talking back at you. You shake your head dismissing the idea. A talking cat. Who had ever heard of a talking cat?  You walk down the road admiring the architecture of this small town. What was it's name? Victory. Yes, that was it. Victory. It seemed like a noble name for a town and you wonder if it has anything to do with World War II. You are in the present but your location seems a mystery to you. You glance at the large stone lion in front of you. It peers into your soul as if it knows all of your secrets. A slight chill runs up your spine. It's just stone but then again nothing on this tour is what is seems to be. You turn your head hearing Tasha and Dalton calling for everyone to gather around them. You follow the crowd, dismissing the eerie look of the stone lion. Maybe its your nerves or maybe it really is looking at you. Whatever it may be you can't let anyone know you had stolen something from here. You clutch your satchel hoping no one will notice your satchel has grown larger. 

Stone Lion by DBduo Photography
Hi, and welcome to Victory! Everybody here calls me Brown Eyes, or Little Rabbit. I’m eight years old and I have only lived here in the town of Victory for three years. I came here to live with my cousin after my parents died. Mr. Mayor-Sir asked me to show you around the town.
To get into Victory, you have to turn off the highway. It’s a long way up or down the road to the next town, too! I don’t know why lots of people don’t stop here. Most people just drive past us and don’t know anything about us.
Victory isn’t a big town; it only has two main streets. I guess the thing people would notice first when the come into town are the post office ‘cuz it has two HUGE stone lions by the front doors. Across the street from that is the Town Hall. It’s a big white building, but I like the park that’s across the street better. We kids can roller skate or skateboard in the skate park, play on the playgrounds, or toss sticks and things in the river that’s on one side of it. There is a very special place in the park, too. It’s called the Veteran’s Memorial. They are big blocks of rock that have names on them. They are the names of the people from our town who were in the military. Somebody told me that the names with stars by them are the people who died in the wars. There’s a big flagpole there, too, and some benches for people to sit on. Everybody in town likes to go there.
It’s a small town, but the State Fair is here every fall. I don’t know why they have it here, but I guess it’s because it’s pretty much in the middle of the state. It’s lots of fun. Thousands of people come, and there are rides and cool things to see and lots of food! We use the grandstand for lots of things like concerts, rodeos, and the high school kids have their graduation there, too.
There are lots of farms around town. I live almost out of town, close to the mountains. Lots of people like to drive up there for picnics or to go hiking. And in the winter, they go up to the parking lot to drive around on their snow mobiles. They do that a lot!
The people in town are nice. The librarians know everybody, and so do the people in the stores. The firefighters will let us kids see all the stuff there. There are a lot of different kinds of people in town, but they help each other anyway. They try to get along with everybody.
Our church is almost in the center of town. It’s been there a long, long time. It’s made of wood, and it has a bell in the steeple. I like to go there.
A couple blocks from that is where Mrs. Goodheart lives. She is a very nice lady who often has treats for us kids when we go past her house on our way home from school. Her family has lived here in Victory since it started.
A few blocks from her house is where Miss Rebecca lives. That’s her daughter. Miss Rebecca is really nice, too. They both do a lot of things to help the people of the town like taking food to people when they have a baby or somebody dies. Everybody likes them.
We have schools here in Victory. I go to the elementary school that’s by Mrs. Goodheart’s house. The high school is way down the other way from my house. I don’t know much about it except they have a band that plays in parades. We love parades!
I can’t tell you everything that happens here, but it is exciting, and some of it is scary—to me, at least! Please come and visit our town soon and see what makes Victory so special!

Who is DeEtte Anderton?

DeEtte started writing, in 2007 after her son challenged her to try NaNoWriMo. The manuscript sat untouched with several others until January 2012 when her good friend encouraged her to seek publication. Victory is her first novel.

DeEtte spent much of her childhood playing piano, reading, or making up stories. She was active in Girl Scouting, which gave her a wide variety of experiences. While in college, she was on the University of Utah Synchronized Swim team, and taught winter camping and survival for Girl Scouts.

DeEtte lives in New England where she writes full time and works on the editing team of Master Koda Select Publishing. DeEtte’s other interests include swimming, crocheting, reading, dog rescue, and her many grandchildren.

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Link to short: The Christmas Visitors

Saturday, November 24, 2012

CWA: A Puurrfect Day with Kiwi

Nothing by green grass, rolling hills and beautiful flowers surround you. Ah, paradise. Such a change from the majestic adventure you had in outer space yesterday to this beautiful meadow.  While unfathomable visions of wonder had surrounded you yesterday you are now in a place of peace and beauty. You wonder where you are. This morning you had awakened to find yourself in this meadow. An elaborate brunch had been laid out before you and the other passengers. Tasha and Dalton had materialized before all of you as if they had been beamed down in some Star Trek episode. Could the ship actually have a transporter device? Would the wonders of this cruise ship ever cease to amaze you? After breakfast Tasha led the women while Dalton led the men to large building on the edge of the meadow. There you found your shower supplies and a change of clothes. You quickly prepared for the day then rejoined the group. You had always loved to camp and found the facilities better than those at a state or national park. 

"Our tour guide should be joining us shortly. Please feel free to explore the meadow in the meantime. Be certain not to stray too far away," Tasha says then walks towards you. You watch the others mill around then turn your attention to the beautiful African American woman before you dressed in a simple sundress, highlighting her well toned body. 

"No uniform today," you ask Tasha.

"I wanted to enjoy the sun."

"Where are we?"

"Ugh, uh. It's top secret. You have your rank but not the clearance. What have you learned so far?"

"The future looks very interesting."

"Don't play games with me. The thief struck again last night. He or she stole something from the ship we had visited yesterday."

"Hmm, I'm a little confused, Tasha. How can it be yesterday when yesterday we were in the future. If it was stolen yesterday but was in the future does that mean it hasn't happened yet? And if it happened in the future then how do you know about it? Are you psychic?"

"Not funny! We received a message from the Black Eagle late last night after we jumped her demanding the return of the missing item."

"What was stolen?"

"A blue Martian crystal from the chandelier and the culprit had possibly taken some pictures. I want to know who this person is."

"Of course. I have narrowed down my list to ten families."

"Good, and they are?"

"Now, Tasha, why would I tell you who I suspect when I haven't completed my investigation? I believe we have a tour to take." 

"That we do." 

A kitty good day to you all and welcome to this stop on your cruise. Mew! Don’t look up there… look down here… yes, I’m down here. Lower! Yep, this is me, the little black cat looking up at you. Please don’t faint… oh, well, maybe sit down for a second. People don’t worry, don’t be scared. I’m just a cat. My name is Kiwi and I’m your guide today. Don’t look so surprised. Yes, I can talk. Yes, you can understand me. No, you’re not dreaming. Mew! I’m going to show you around my home – Cat City.
First of all, you can’t go any further looking like that. To take you to my world, we’re going to have to change a few things. No, it’s not that you’re not properly dressed… your dress is fine… it’s just that things need to be a little different. I’ll show you. Follow me across this field to those tall trees over there. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Here we are. Just copy me and concentrate. It’s easy. You’ll feel yourself floating and then you won’t quite recognise yourself! You may have noticed that my fur flickers with purple in the sun – that’s my magic. Now come with me to somewhere wonderful. One, two, three, a flick of your imaginary tail, make a purr, a leap, and away we go…

Hello again everyone… glad you all – well, most of you – felt brave enough to follow. When the purple mist clears, look down at your feet and behind you! See, you’ve got fur, paws and a tail! Make a walk like this – one, two. Stick your tail up straight and feel all those new sensations from your whiskers! I’ll give you a few minutes to get the hang of walking, and your purrs and mews, and then we’ll go.

Ready? Purrfect. Run with me to that clump of bluebells – come on, scamper! You’re faster now and you can jump! I’m going to walk around the bluebells three times and I’m going to vanish into a purple mist, but don’t worry, just follow again…

Hello again! Now we’re altogether, race with me towards the tunnel ahead. Come on! We should hurry! Look at all of the tiles inside. Aren’t they wonderful? The floor, ceiling and walls are covered with blue and white mosaics of tiny cats. The eyes will glow to light the way. Right, now I’m just going to knock on this small purple door. Don’t be afraid when it vanishes! This is the way in.

Hello Georgy! Friends, this is the catizen who guards the city. All cats are called catizens here. Georgy, I’ve brought some visitors to show around. A kitty good day to you! Come on everybody, follow me. Yes, wow – I echo your thoughts. Isn’t Cat City beautiful?

I think your human world – where I live some of the time – is grey compared to our city. Cat City shines, and our sun is orangey and very bright. It makes everything glisten. See the road – it’s paved with blue and white mosaics of cats and paws. You’ll notice how everything is all catizen size, even the cars. Instead of four wheels, our catcars have four paws, which run really fast when the vehicle starts up. We don’t have roofs so the cats’ heads stick out – don’t laugh!

If you look along the street, you’ll see lots of different shops – Cat Tools, Meow Café, Insurance in a Whisker and Paws for Thought, to name a few. Some of the catizens wear clothes, such as boots, waistcoats and even hats, but it’s not necessary, so don’t worry that you are all fur nude!

Here is the Catema, our only film theatre, owned by Mr Eastwood. It’s showing The Big Cat of the Rings, For a Few Kitties More and Furrlight. Meow Market is always busy and if you are hungry we could pop into Purrfect Mouse Burgers later. They are offering an all-you-can-eat buffet. Okay, maybe mice aren’t appealing. Sorry. But, I recommend the grass shake. Over there you can see the pink windows of Kitty Parlour where some ladycats are being combed, washed and dried.
I’d like to introduce you to a kitty good friend of mine and then we can all go for some ice cream at one of my favourite places, the Cat that Got the Cream. We just need to walk this way for about ten minutes...

Here we are. This is the biggest building in Cat City. As you can see, the top is lost in the clouds. I know what you’re thinking – it looks grey and boring. It is the only building with no colour. This is Cat Crime, our police station and investigative agency. If you look closely, you’ll see a little knocker on the grey door – bright red and shaped like a cat’s eye. The friend I’d like you to meet works here. He should be around somewhere. Ah! Here he is! Inspector Furrball! It’s kitty nice to see you, my dear friend. Now let me introduce you to our visitors. They’ve come a long way.

What is the Kiwi Series?

The Kiwi Series is written for readers aged 9 up. They follow the adventures of a magical cat called Kiwi and her two human friends, Amy and James. With a flick of her tail, Kiwi magically changes the two children into kittens and takes them to her other home, Cat City, and to other new worlds inhabited by animals. So far, there are five books, beginning with Kiwi in Cat City.

Who is Vickie Johnstone?

Vickie Johnstone lives in London, where she works as a freelance sub-editor on magazines and an editor/proofreader on books. She has a thing about fluffy cats and also loves reading, writing, films, the sea, art, nature, Milky Bar and travelling. She has written 10 books.

In 2011, Vickie self-published the following: Kaleidoscope (119 poems); Travelling Light (free poetry); Kiwi in Cat City (Kiwi Series book 1); Kiwi and the Missing Magic (book 2); and Kiwi and the Living Nightmare (book 3).

The Kiwi books now have illustrations by Nikki McBroom.
Titles published so far in 2012 are: Day of the Living Pizza (free comedy horror for ages 10 up); Life’s Rhythms (316 haiku); 3 Heads and a Tail (romantic comedy for NaNoWriMo); and Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle (Kiwi Series book 4). Coming soon is Kiwi in the Realm of Ra (book 5).

You can connect with Vickie at:

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Vickie will be giving away three sets of the complete Kiwi series in ebook format. 

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