Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's #Play #Irish 20 Questions

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January 4

Trivia Day

Happy National Trivia Day. In honor of the day I have game for all my readers. Let's see how smart you really are. 

Blow is some Irish Trivia questions in honor of my upcoming book release, Bailey's Revenge.  Think you have all the answers? Post them in the comment section. I'll post the answers tomorrow. Have fun! 

1) The first group to inhabit Ireland came around 8000 BC from where?

2)What is this?
By Shira at
3) Who are the natives of Ireland - the Picts, Celts or Britons?

4) What religion were the natives?

5) This fairy queen was one of the Irish goddesses. She was the goddess of summer, wealth and sovereignty. Who is she?  
By Tomás O'Maoldomhnaigh

6) Who Christianized the Irish? He is known for allowing the tribes to keep their ways and only changing those that went against Christianity. 

7) What is this?
Cross by Paddy Patterson

8) Who was the first British king to invade Ireland? (684 AD)

9) Who invaded Ireland in the 9th century AD and established Dublin in 852 AD? They also established the towns of Wexford, Limerick, Cork and Waterford. They tried to dominate Ireland but were never able to defeat the Irish tribes. Their power began to decline in the 11th century although their settlements remained as major economical centers for the Irish. 

10) Who is the Irish hero that fought the Vikings?

11) This group arrived in Ireland during the 12th century. They built many towers and castles. Who are they?

12) Who was the first Lord of Ireland? He visited Ireland in 1185 AD and 1210 AD.

13) What is the native language of Ireland?

14)What plague came to Ireland in 1348 AD? It almost destroyed the English and had little affect on the Irish tribes. 

15) Which English King reconquered Ireland in 1536AD? His daughter and King James would finish conquering the isle in their own reigns.

16) During the 17th century, these two groups battled for eleven years. Who were they?

17) Who is this? He reconquered Ireland from 1649 to 1651. His conquest of Ireland was very bloody. Up to a third of Ireland's pre-war population was dead or in exile by the end of his conquest. He gave conquered Irish lands to English settlers. 
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18) From the 15th to the 18th century, this group was sold into slavery and shipped to English colonies. Who are they?

19) According to the Penal Laws, who was not allowed to receive an education?

20) Fill in the blank. Under the Penal Laws, new Catholic Churches had to be built of _________ and could not be close to any roads. 

22) In 1801, this act abolished the Irish Government and Irish self rule. What was it called?

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