Sunday, February 24, 2013

A #New #Blog, A New #Historic Adventure

Allison Bruning in 19th century period dress. 

This upcoming week holds two exciting adventures for my readers and I. Each opportunity deserves it's own posting so today I will tell you about one exciting project then tomorrow I'll tell you about the other. 

A few weeks ago, I was approached by author Linda Lee Greene with the offer to co-host a historical blog with her and several other authors. Her idea was for each author to host a week where they would present a historical topic of interest and invite experts to write posts of historical topics that were interests to them. I thought the idea was wonderful and I was honored that she had chosen to include me on her project. She named the blog, The River Time. I am proud to announce the The River Time, will launch on March 1st. You can read more about it below. I will still be blogging on this site as well.

Announcing the Launching 
of The River Time, 
a Blog of Essays on History

The host-authors of the new blog The River Time are stoked by the line-up of distinguished guest writers who will be featured in the coming weeks.  The recent discovery of the remains of Richard III of England has created quite a stir among interested people, and one of them is the blog’s host-author Stuart G. Yates.  On March 1st he will kick off the blog’s essays on history with his composition about the unearthing of Richard’s bones titled Some Mysteries Surrounding Our Kings.  During the same week, Yates will host journalist and blogger Nicholas Wade with his essay Richard at Bosworth.   In addition, on this 50th anniversary of James Bond and his various Cold War opponents, Yates will bring you author Brian M. Hayden and an engaging excerpt of Hayden’s new book Memories of the Cold War.

March 8th will mark the debut on the blog of host-author Linda Lee Greene.  She will take readers to World War II with When the Lights Went Out in America, which is an excerpt of her book-in-progress, “I Received Your Letter….”  During the week of the 8th, Greene is so excited about the fact that her first guest will be the gifted author K P Kollenborn with yet another essay on the Second World War titled Japanese American Internment.  Greene’s second guest, author John Paul Catton, coming to us from present-day Japan, will enlighten us with a bit of the history of Japanese historical dramas in his fascinating piece, Jidai Geki.    

Author Dixon Rice and his guests will unveil week three of the blog; author DeEtte Anderton and her guests will do the honors on week four, as will author Allison Bruning and her guests on week five.  Stuart Yates will come back at the opening of week six and down through the line again.  Guest appearances by other great authors, historians, and history buffs are already in the works and will be announced as we near their assigned days.  

There are countless messages in history for us to discover if we stop and pay attention.  And if we yield to history’s call, if we allow it to enlarge our humanity, we will bring about an improved history-at-large that is unfolding in our time, as well as enrichment to our personal lives.  The host-authors of The River Time invite you to help us to get the blog going with a great send-off by joining us as followers and by leaving comments.  The link to the blog is

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