Sunday, February 24, 2013

All Hail The #Pirate #King

Pirate by Kate Haskell

February 23

A High Seas Adventure

I am taking a break today with my historical posts and interesting holidays to bring you an exciting new book by author Jim DeAcutis titled, Peter Cooper and the Pirate King. I've asked Jim to tell us alittle about his book. Take it away, Jim.

What do magic amulets, giant scorpions, a maniacal sorcerer and an adventurous boy have in common? Well, normally, almost nothing but in Peter Cooper and the Pirate King you’ll find that sometimes they do. 
From the time Peter Cooper is a baby he’s lived up with his aunt and uncle after losing his war hero dad and loving mom under mysterious circumstances. Despite the loss he grows up happy in their loving home without a clue that a centuries-old madman has him in his sights and is planning to use the young lad’s life-force to rejuvenate his eternal soul.
Early on, all seems normal for our young hero (save for the occasional strange dreams of malevolent ovens and melting clowns; a portent to come?) until the night of his thirteenth birthday when a terrible storm hits his hometown of Harmon and brings not only overwhelming rain but also a visitor of unimaginable evil. The Pirate King, Bill Kyuper, has been getting “creaky” over the years and has Peter lined up for his latest “age-defying” treatment. When Bill arrives in Harmon he works his malevolent “magic” to get Peter from point A to point… and manipulate him to his lair on Scorpion Cove for the ultimate battle.
But, before he does, we meet an oddly eclectic group of friends and sailors both at Peter’s home and on Harmon’s docks as well as Peter’s first crush. The story is touching and horrifying and excruciatingly funny. There are moments when you will laugh and cry and other’s where you will not want to turn the lights off as you follow Peter and his friends on the ultimate journey of good versus evil.

Author James DeAcutis grew up fascinated by the worlds created by Ray Bradbury, H.P. Lovecraft, John Varley and Edgar Allen Poe and with this, first novel, he hopes he’s created a world and characters that will fascinate a new audience. An avid cook and hockey player, he is also a prolific songwriter influenced by progressive, heavy metal and folk-rock. He lives in New York with his wife, a school teacher and their three children.

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