Friday, February 1, 2013

I Won The Most #Inspiring Blog #Award!

I was honored today to learn author DeEtte Beckstead  chose to award my blog with theVery Inspiring Blogger Award. DeEtte is the author of Victory and The Christmas Visitors. 
You can find her Amazon author page here:

This is the first time I have ever received this award. I try to post stories on my blog that inspire my readers to look at history with a different perspective. There are alot of misconceptions about historical figures, places and events. I want my readers to bring down the godlike status we have given our historical figures and see them as normal human beings. We can learn alot from the lessons our ancestors had to learn in their lives. I also like to inspire my readers to dream big and never let go of their dreams.

The rules of this award are pretty simple.

1.  Display the award on my Blog.
2.  Link back to the person who nominated me. (Click on DeEtte's name)
3.  State seven things about myself.
4.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award  and link to them.
5.  Notify these bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

Seven Things About Allison

1) I am 13 years younger than my husband. 

2) I love anything to with dragons. 

3) I wrote a complete index in college that had every Arthurian Legend character ever created and their bios. It took me an entire semester to complete it. I still have it. I kept adding to it over the years but stopped adding to it about fifteen years ago. I haven't added anything to it since. 

4) I am a Trekkie. I use to be a die hard Trekkie in my youth. My first attempt at fan fiction (I know you all are shocked I wrote fan fiction) was in High School. I created screenplays and stories with a pair of twins who were Commander Riker's long lost sisters. They were part of a group of woman who wielded magic using crystals and were the guardians of Riga. I still have them.

5) I dream of going on a European cruise someday with my husband. 

6) I am laid back and shy. I know you are thinking, Allison? Really? Yup, people, I like going places, meeting new people and doing new things but after a few hours I crave to be back home. 

7) My childhood nickname is Peanut. Grandpa Carr gave that name to me because I was so tiny when I was born. As a child I was short and so thin my grandma kept telling me I need to eat more. I grew to a height of 6 feet in High School. 

I Give This Award To
I know it says to pick 15 people. I'll be adding more blogs to the list so you may want to keep coming back. 

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