Sunday, February 24, 2013

#Publishing House Changing the #World One #Author At A Time.

Allison Bruning operating a sound board. 

February 24

Hello Literary World 
Mountain Springs House

Yesterday I told you that there were two exciting adventures awaiting for my readers and I this week. You were introduced to a new historical blog that I will be co-hosting with other historical fiction authors. The River Time will have historical essays on a topic chosen by the author of that week and will expose the reader to experts who will offer comments on that topic. 

The second surprise I have for my readers is something that I am very excited about. I have decided to open my own publishing house, Mountain Springs House. Mountain Springs House will offer all their authors a personalized publishing experience with 30% royalties paid quarterly. We will also provide some social media and marketing. Our staff are highly qualified with years of experience in the literary world. We will only produce high quality books and short stories. Once an author is assigned to an editor that editor will work with the author throughout the publishing process. Some publishing houses have several editors working on the same book which can cause the finish project to have missing chapter and alot of grammatical mistakes. We will never do that to our authors unless something unforeseen, such as death or illness, happens to our editor. We provide both print and ebook versions of the author's book unless it is under 100pages in length, excluding Children's and Poetry books. 

That all sounds great, right? Wait there's more. Mountain Springs House has affiliated with Elizabeth Delana Rose Author Services and FilmSmithPro to provide marketing solutions that will enhance our author's sales potential. Any author who signs with our company will receive discounted offers from these two companies. Products such as book trailers, websites, blogs,  merchandise, and more can be purchased through these two highly talented companies. Mountain Springs House has also teamed up with Full Sail University graduates, Krsytol Diggs, Stacey Bee and Allison Bruning. These three ladies will offer script consulting services to any author who chooses to write the screenplay version of their book. 

Mountain Springs House will also produce three yearly anthologies to help any author, whether they are published with us or not,  with getting their name out. These anthologies will be:

February (Erotica)
October (Horror/Paranormal/Ghost Stories)
December (Holiday Short Stories)

We will also have Camp NANO and NANO events for all authors, whether they are published with us or not. These events will be help from our Facebook Group Site. You can access the group at

So what are you waiting for?
Join us for our Launch Party at The event will last from 7am to 10pm EST on March 1st. You don't have to be there all day. 

Get Ready To Party!


  1. Is your publishing company is a self-publishing one?

    1. No. We are a small press. That means we are a small traditional house.