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Toothache Day: #Irish #Folklore Remedies

Myousry_WACC Photographic Competition 2011_(9)
By: Mohamed Ahmed Yousry

February 9

Toothache Day

I would tell you Happy Toothache Day but I don't think anyone should be happy to have a toothache. Toothaches are caused by many different dental problems including cavities. I cannot find a reason as to why we have Toothache Day yet I do find it interesting that it celebrated on the anniversary of when the Hersey company was formed on February 9, 1894. 

As long as humans were alive mankind has experienced toothaches. We have tried to solve our pain through a wide variety of home remedies and drug. The interesting list of home remedies and drugs concocted over the course to time to deal with toothaches is much too long for this blog posting. In keeping with my Irish theme I want to share with you some of the interesting home remedies the Irish have for curing a toothache. 

Ask The Fairies
We have all heard of the tooth fairy. Every time a child looses a tooth he or she places it under their pillow before they go to bed. The tooth fairy comes in the middle of the night and swaps the tooth out with money. But did you know in Ireland there is another dental legend surrounding the fairies?

Toothache Tree in Donaghanie graveyard
By: Kenneth Allen
The Bell Oak tree is a hollow tree that is native to Ireland. The Irish people believed if the tree was found to grow in a cemetery then it was the home of fairies. If you came across the tree you were supposed to turn your cloak or coat inside out to neutralize their magic then run away. Yet you could employ the fairies to elevate your toothache by leaving gifts in the tree. Most often it is a monetary gift but sometimes people have left nails. If the fairies accept your gift then they would elevate your pain. But beware, you don't want to steal from any of there gifts laying around the tree. For if you do, you'll pay dearly. 

Another way to employ the fairies to help you is by finding a Fairy Toothache Stone. Here you can hammer nails into the stone, just as you would with the Toothache Tree. It has the same effect as the Toothache tree and the same curse if you disturb the nails. 

Fairies Toothache Stone By Alistair Campbell

Closeup of  a Fairy Stone By Alistair Campbell

If you go to the graveyard but you can't find a fairy stone or a toothache tree you can still elevate your pain. Go to a grave, any grave will do, but you might want to chose someone you knew. It's about to get personal.  Kneel upon the person's grave. Recite three prayers and three aves for the soul of the deceased. After you have done this take a handful of grass from over the grave and chew it. Be certain you do not swallow any of it or the cure won't work. Once all of it has been chewed spit out to the side. Anyone who successfully does this will live a hundred years without a toothache. 

Another way for the dead to cure your toothache is to procure either a dead man's hand or the tooth from a dead horse. After you have either one, rub it on your jaw where the toothache is. The hand or tooth will take your pain away. 

Take A Vow
If you're not too keen on asking the dead or the fairies to help you, you could always seek God to elevate your pain. There are several ways to do this. 

Sorry ladies this cure only works with men. The man must vow to stop shaving on Sundays and commit to his vow for the rest of his life. When he does this God will show favor upon him by elevating his toothache. 

This cure if for everyone. The person must take a vow to God, the Virgin Mary and the New Moon that they will never comb their hair on Friday in remembrance of the cure he or she is asking for. This ritual continues until the New Moon appears. Whenever the person sees the next New Moon he or she must stop whatever they are doing, even if crossing a river, fall to their knees and pray five times in gratitude for his or her cure. 

Fish Bones
So you don't want to go to the graveyard and your not Catholic. Don't fear the Irish still have a cure for you. The Irish believe that the Haddock can elevate your pain because they gained the power of never having toothaches ever since Jesus conducted the miracles of the loaves and fish. The Irish superstition states if you carry a two jawbones of the Haddock in your pants pockets you will never have a toothache again. 

The last cure for your toothache deals with Saint Peter. Create a charm with theses words on it. 

"As Peter sat on a marble stone,
The Lord came to him all alone,
'Peter, Peter, what makes you shake?'
'O Lord and Master, it is the toothache.'
Then Christ said, 'Take these for My sake,
And never more you'll have toothache.'"

After you have created your poetic masterpiece sew the charm inside your clothes. You will never have a toothache again because Christ is blessing you through the charm. But you must be wearing the charm in order for it to work. 

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  1. I have tried before a tree parts that is good remedies for tooth ache.