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Native American Indians
Painted by Mary Louise Holt

March 22

Let The Shawnee Speak

My fans have asked for it and you shall have it.

Next month, Calico, will return to Amazon in paperback and ebook. Calico is book one of the Children of the Shawnee series. Here's what reviewers have said.

"The two main characters Calico and Little own stand out on their own, but the secondary characters make the book what it is. There is just enough suspense throughout the book dealing with the British and the French to keep the reader involved right to the end. In fact I read the book in two settings. The book does contain some scenes of rape and incest but they are not in a sensual or graphic detail. Occasional violence but nothing more than would happen in any novel pertaining to war among the whites and the Indian Nations." --- Lynn

"Calico has a strong cast of characters that Mrs. Bruning manages quite well. The story simmers along, gradually picking up speed and drawing you into the world just a little bit more with each event that takes place. Allison represents the Native Americans in a genuinely respectful, entertaining way that I found most humbling. As an author, I respect her ability to adhere to their ways and portray them so fearlessly. Her facts are stated with enough clarity and confidence that readers of any age can follow them. Calico is full of people dealing with real struggles, living real lives and loving in real ways. There is an element of romance that I found surprising and sweet." ---Princess Jen

"Calico is a fantastic love story filled with history. Her knowledge of the Shawnee Indians adds to this book. Authentic Shawnee vocabulary; though sometimes difficult for me to pronounce, was fantastic. You can tell that Bruning has done extensive research in this area for her book."

Calico is written from the Shawnee's perspective although the main character is white. I really enjoyed writing this book and am grateful for all the high praise it has received. There are alot of characters whose back stories intertwine to present the present situation that Calico finds herself in. Much of her circumstances are out of her control yet Calico must learn to overcome them.

I have decided to allow Calico's family stories to be told in a series of series. Here is the breakdown.

Gaelic Twist of Fate series - Calico's grandmother. We follow her grandmother's story in Ireland and how she raised Alexander and Anna despite the struggles she faced there. Her family was Irish Catholic and her husband, Anglican. How will Kathleen preserve her Irish hertiage and Catholic faith through her children while her British Anglican husband demands his children comply with his culture?

A New World - Calico's mother. This series follows Calico's mother, Anne, as she and Alexander are forced to start a new life in the Kentucky wilderness. We'll follow Anne as she spies against the French only to fall in love with the enemies' commander, Duke Francious Dubious. How will Anne escape from her controlling father and begin a new life with a man she shouldn't trust?

Children of the Shawnee - This series belongs to Calico. We'll follow her as she lives through the American Revolutionary War.

There will be two more series with the perspective of the Shawnees and their struggles with losing their way of life. The next one will be about Calico's daughter and how she supports her brother as her family fights with Techumseh.

The last series will be about Calico's granddaughter.

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