Saturday, March 2, 2013

@MountainSHouse - Changing The World

March 1

A Publisher With A Passion To Help Authors

Last week I posted about the new adventure my writing career had led me to. Mountain Springs House is a publishing company my husband and I formed with the intention to help authors change their lives through a personalized, unique publishing experience. I am writing this post on March 2nd because I took the day off to celebrate with authors all around the world for the launch of our new business. Our little house has generated quite a buzz in the literary world. I am looking forward to working with everyone. The first book Mountain Springs House released was the re-release of my poetry and essay book, Reflections. 

Reflections is available in print and ebook format on Amazon at

Mountain Springs House will publish 1-2 books per month with the intention to not only produce high quality books but to work one on one with the author in helping them to enhance their skills. We want our authors to succeed. We will host three yearly anthologies, two Camp NANO events, and one NANO event. Out staff is fully committed to developing worldwide bestselling authors. 

Our Facebook group can be found at  or you can find us on our website at

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