Wednesday, March 27, 2013

#Ohio Has It All

Something New,
Something Old,
In America's Heartland

I've decided to end our daily blogging journey of odd holidays and Tudor Troubles in order to focus more on a topic that near and dear to my heart. When I began my writing career almost six years ago I never could have imagined that most of my stories would take place in my home state. Let's face it. I am in love with Ohio. My heart yearns for the state.

My family was one of the first families of Ohio. We arrived in Ohio soon after the end of the American Revolutionary War. My family has been given land in Ohio as part of my patriot's pension. We settled, helped organize Marion County and have never left. 

Ohio has a wonderful, vibrant history. I had recorded some of that history in my book Reflections: Poems and Essays. My latest book, Calico ( Book 1: Children of the Shawnee) takes place in Ohio during the middle of the 18th century. I have other projects in the works that take place in Ohio during different times periods. Armed with Ohio history and my family's stories I have plenty of things to write about. 

Ohio has it all and I'm proud to bring this eclectic history to you. Here is something to think about. 

Known as "The Mother of Presidents," Ohio has provided the United States with more presidents than any other state. 

Other famous Ohioans include:

Johnny Appleseed
The Wright Brothers
Neil Armstrong
Bob Hope
Dean Martin
Jack Nicklaus
and Roy Rogers

I will be blogging about Ohio culture, history and Native Americans of Ohio every week.

Tuesdays: Native Americans

Thursday: Ohio History

Sunday: Guest Postings or Ohio Trivia. 

You won't want to miss this. 

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