Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The #Bestselling #NativeAmerican Historical Fiction Book Is Back!

She's About To Face The Storm of Her Life

Newly released from Mountain Springs House Publishing

In the harsh northwestern frontier of Ohio and Kentucky, a prophecy has been told. A man whose heart appears pure shall deceive her. The power he holds over her will lead her to evil. She shall denounce the ways of Our Grandmother. Another man comes, whose pure heart beats for her alone, and who has a pure spirit devoted to the goddess, Our Grandmother. He shall defeat the evil and set her free.

Calico Marie Turner, a white woman raised by the Shawnee and destined to become a great medicine woman, must trust the one man who hates her the most. How can she trust Chief Little Owl Quick as the Wind to save her from his best friend and village shaman, Hunting Bear?

Calico (Children of the Shawnee series: Book 1)
By: Allison Bruning 

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