Saturday, May 25, 2013

Let Us Never Forget Our Heros- #MemorialDay

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Memorial Day has traditionally been called the start of the summer yet for families of those soldiers who died in the line of duty the meaning of Memorial Day was established after the Civil War as a way to honor the men who had given their lives in the Bloodiest War in US military history. It was declared as Declaration Day. Declaration Day did not become a federal holiday until 1971 when it was renamed Memorial Day and became a federal three day holiday, meaning all state and federal employees have that Monday off.

Throughout the years, the meaning of Memorial Day has begun to be replaced with sales and the start of summer. It would be a great tragedy if we as Americans, forgot to honor the dead who had given their lives for our freedom. Men, woman and yes, children have sacrificed their lives from the American  Revolutionary War to the present so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today. How can we ever forget their sacrifice?

Please take the time on Monday to honor our heroes. Visit a cemetery, go to a special service or take part in a Memorial Day celebration. Have fun with your family, cherish them, but remember to take time out to thank a fallen hero for the life you live in the United States of America. Remember their families as well. If you know a family whose soldier has died in the line of duty then thank them and offer them something. A simply gesture can go a long ways in days like these especially when the death has been so recent. Let us never forget our heroes and their families.

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