Sunday, June 9, 2013

Catching Up With Allison #New #Vlog. Winners Announced.

Catching Up 
With Allison
I hope you enjoyed the Shawnee Feast last week. Here are the winners of the contest. If you are a winner please message me at to receive your prize. 

    Shawna has won the ebook of Calico: Children of the Shawnee series: Book 1.
    Sharon Lathan has won the ebook copy of Reflections: Poems and Essays.

    Congratulations ladies. 

    Tomorrow I will be hosting Tammy Cote as part of the MSH tour. I hope you visit again to learn what inspired her to writer her Middle School Fantasy series, Merlin and Martha. My posting can be found on Aya Walksfar's blog at:

Well it's almost Sunday and what does that mean? It's time for my weekly blog. 

I've Gone Native! 

    I've started something interesting with my Children of the Shawnee book tour. I think all of you will enjoy it. 

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