Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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How Does She Do it?
This week on the Mountain Springs House Blog Tour I've been asked to write about my writing routine. To be honest I try to write a chapter or two a day but sometimes its next to impossible to get this done. You see I'm the type of writer who needs silence, absolute silence. That is really hard to get when live next to the playground and the pool. I also don't like to write with my husband around. I'm easily distracted and well after 12 years of marriage the man can still distract me from anything I am doing just by his presence.

I have found the best way to get my writing in on a daily basis is to create a routine. I learned to do this by following the FlyLady system. I've been flying for a four years and love it. My morning routine usually ends up being an entire day routine but I am able to get all my work, school, cleaning done and still have time to write on most days. Monday's are the hardest for me because I usually take the weekend off from work unless there is a book signing or speaking engagement I am scheduled to do.

My husband's work schedule has recently changed to weekends only. His new job is in Owenton, Kentucky, which is an hour from our house. My writing routine has started to change a bit. Since he is away on weekends and has our only car this has left the weekends open for me to explore my creative side. I have found Saturdays are perfect to just sit back and write all day. I love it! I usually spend Sundays doing something else creative wise. Right now I'm in the middle of creating my Shawnee costume for several re-enactments and seminars where I have been asked to present Calico, the main character of my book.

Join me Thursday as we continue our look into the Woodland Period Native American in Ohio. Until then, have a great week!

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