Monday, June 10, 2013

MSH Blog Tour - What #Inspired #Merlin and Martha?

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 Many thanks to Allison Bruning for hosting me for our first traveling week! My name is Tammy Young Coté. I am a children’s author and librarian, mom to three children and pet sitter for furry friends. I am working these days on the second book in the Merlin and Martha series. I was inspired to start writing this story when I was teaching at a Catholic school in 2006. My middle grade students loved to read fantasy and adventure. Teachers at the school complained that there were few books that supported our Catholic teachings and also entertained the kids. So I took on the challenge! The result is an inspirational fantasy story about a girl on a mission. She has to juggle school and friends, playing on the basketball team and training with Merlin. Every day brings a new test, right up to a showdown with a demon and his shadow army just before the big game! The second edition of first book, Merlin and Martha: The Calling, will come out this month from Mountain Springs House (MSH). See MSH page on Facebook ( or on the web at And stay tuned for book two in the series, already under construction with the working title of Merlin and Martha: The Way of the Warrior. Thanks for reading, stay with us on our tour this summer and please support our talented community!

Who is Tammy Young Coté?

Tammy Young Coté loves to read with her family, whether stories from the library or from her own imagination. She lives in Connecticut with her husband, three children and a beloved poodle.

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