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A #Secret #Heritage Revealed Inspires Author

Welcome back to my blog. With the release of Elsa (The Secret Heritage Series: Book 1) quickly approaching I have decided to change things up a little bit on my blog.

Grandpa Carr's WWII picture

Elsa takes place during an exciting time in American History. Last week I introduced you to Elsa Garrett, the main character in The Secret Heritage series. Unlike my other series, Children of the Shawnee, this series is based on actual events that happened in my family. I was inspired to write this series after I learned about the events while conducting genealogical research on my Grandfather Freeland Devere Carr's side of the family. I was very interested in learning about his grandparents Freeland and Elva Raymond. I was very hard to find information on them because of some family dynamics. My grandfather and his siblings never spoke much about their grandparents and I don't think they knew much about them. Their mother had died in a kerosene fire when they were young so they never knew much about her side of the family. After years of research I was finally able to locate information about Freeland and Elva Raymond. The things I learned were so dramatic and interesting I knew it would make for a great story. I began to dig deeper into my research and a few months later The Secret Heritage series was born. I am still researching on this side of the family because I can't get past Freeland Raymond's parents. I hope someday I will be able to do so.

Grandpa and Grandma Carr

 The Secret Heritage Series traces the life of Elsa Garrett as she deals with the love of her life, Franklin Thaddeus Raymond and his Asperger's Syndrome. People with Asperger's do not understand social cues and that can cause problems for them and their families.  I will not go to much into details about what will happen to Elsa because I don't want to give the story away. I do not know if Freeland Raymond had Asperger's Syndrome or not. The real story of Freeland and Elva Raymond's lives is full of so much drama that it could have stood alone without adding the Asperger's Syndrome into it. Yet I felt I needed to add that aspect in there because it was important to me. You remember my Grandfather Freeland Devere Carr? Well he married Betty Louise Danner, who had Asperger's Syndrome. Her father had Asperger's, too.  Their youngest son has Asperger's Syndrome as does one of their daughters and grandchild. I never knew that Asperger's Syndrome ran in my family until a few years ago. When I learned that it was a lighbulb moment for me. All the strange things that happened in my family started to make sense. I added the Asperger's Syndrome to the storyline because I wanted to honor the relationship my aunt and uncle have. You see not alot of people who have Asperger's Syndrome can hold a marriage together for a long time. My grandfather was only able to hold his marriage together because he loved his wife so much he made the marriage work despite whatever struggles they endured. My aunt and uncle do the same. I wanted to show that deep devotion and love in my series.

The Secret Heritage Series takes place in Marion County, Ohio from 1905 to 1943. The first book, Elsa, takes place in 1905. There will be at least 10 books in the series.

Join me on Tuesdays as we explore Asperger's Syndrome and how the mentally ill were treated at the beginning of the 20th century. Then join me again on Thursdays as we explore Progressive Era America.

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