Sunday, July 21, 2013

A #Writer's Ten Commandments #author #IAmWriting

Thou Shall Not....
A Writer's Ten Commandments

Today I was asked to write 10 writing confessions or take the day off. I thought long and hard about the topic I was given. After much consideration I thought I would construct ten commandments every writer should follow in order to create their bestselling masterpieces. So here goes nothing. 

1)Always back up your work. The Gremlin in the computer who steals your work can't break into Dropbox.

2) Don't dismiss the plot bunnies whenever they run rampant. Just corral them in a notebook for a later use.

3)Don't neglect your inner child or it will stop talking to you. Go on an artist date to satisfy it.

4) It's ok to talk to your characters and listen to them when they talk back. 

5)Stuck in a rut? Write your way out of it. Keep writing and never give up.

6) Don't forget to interact with other people inside and outside your social networks.

7) Don't let that supporting character hijack your manuscript. Write their ideas in a notebook and move forward with the script. 

8) Read in your genre. 

9) When the editor calls and wants your revisions don't keep them waiting.


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