Friday, July 26, 2013

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Yesterday was Thursday and I didn't have a chance to blog so I'm a little behind. I was supposed to write about the Progressive Era on my blog. I will do that two posts from now. This blog post will be for yesterday's 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. So here it goes. Day #6

Today I'm going to chose the alternative assignment. Share a personal interest of hobby that I have aside from writing and how it has inspired or impacted my writing. This one is easy for me to write about because my interest in genealogy sparked the story behind my current series, The Secret Heritage. You can read how genealogy inspired The Secret Heritage by reading this post.

 I have had an interest in genealogy since I was child. I first learned about genealogy through 4H. I began our family tree when I was nine years old and have been compiling it ever since. What I love the most about genealogy is the family stories that you learn while conducting research. There is so much fodder in family stories for any historical writer that they could write for the rest of their lives. One thing to remember while conducting research is that no matter how important a person was in society that person was human. When we humanize our heroes and leaders that's when we get to know them better than most people do without ever meeting them. Also, when dealing with a group of people who have been greatly known about in history, such as the Shawnee, it is generally best for the author not to take everything they read about that culture as fact. They should look at every situation from both side of the conflict.

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