Monday, July 29, 2013

It's #Goodbye But Not Gone Forever #IAmWriting #author #blogger

Tis the End, 
My Friend

Today's the last day of the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. It's been a fun. I have always enjoyed sharing my writing experiences with others. I hope you have enjoyed it as well.

Another writing adventure has ended for me as well. I have been participating in the July 2013 Camp NaNoWriMo session. I finished my manuscript, Elsa, last week and turned it in to my editor.

 Two endings yet these are only beginnings. I will continue to blog and write. With projects behind me I have more in front of me. I'm currently working on Passions Awakening (Draconian Corazon: Book 1) as it is to be published in September. I have many other books to write as well so stay tuned.

So as my farewell to the Day 10 Writing Challenge Blogger Challenge I was asked to write the following:

I decided to donate money to a worthy cause for my last post. My husband and I normally donate money and items through out local church, Crestwood Baptist Church. Crestwood Baptist Church, located in Crestwood, Kentucky supports local, national and international missions. We have participated in several local missions and look forward to someday spending time and money on national and international missions. You can learn more about what the church does from their website at