Sunday, July 28, 2013

#Love, #Magic, #Dragons, O My.

Welcome back to the 10 Day Writer's Challenge.

Today's prompt is:

Hmm a setting from my latest fiction project. Well I finished Elsa (The Secret Heritage: Book 1) and have already begun to talk about the Progressive Era on my blog. Elsa will be released next month by Mountain Springs House. 

I think today I will introduce you to the setting of my next book, Passions Awakenings (Draconian Corazon: Book 1). Passions Awakening is a high fantasy erotica book. That is something very different for my regular readers since I tend to write historical fiction. Passions Awakening takes place in a mystical land that contains the kingdoms of Fath'more and Kil'adar. The two kingdoms use to be together but were town apart when the one God religion spread through the lands. The priest who lead the movement was able to overthrow the queen of Kil'adar's reign and claim the throne as his own by his marriage to the queen. He chased the dragons out of the kingdom, massacred anyone who practiced magic and forbid any magic to be practiced. 

Almost twenty years have passed since the Great Cleansing seperated Kil'adar and Fath'more.  With the Dragon Lord missing his queen, there is a great unbalance in the kingdom. Unless a Dragon Lady arises to take the place of Kil'adar's queen all magic will be lost forever in Fath'more.  Dragons, magic, prophecies and mystery await for anyone who reads my Draconian Corazon series. 

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