Thursday, July 4, 2013

#MSH: Wonderful #Blogs To Visit

Wonderful Blogs To Visit
By: Aya Walksfar

This week on the Mountain Springs House Blog Tour we were asked to write about what our favorite blogs were to visit and to post it on another's blog. My blog posting can be viewed on Ian George's blog at

My guest for today is Aya Walksfar. Aya is the author of Dead Men and Cats which can be found on Smashwords and Amazon

Take it away, Aya. 

It is great to have this opportunity to share some of the blogs I have found. There are several reasons that play into whether or not I follow a certain blog. 

The first is: is the blog in good taste? By that I mean does it have unnecessarily offensive information or rants on it? Does it denigrate other people, races, ethnicity, sexual orientations and so forth?

The second thing I look for is does the blog present information I can use, entertainment to help me relax or in some way broaden my life? I like people who inspire, who do good deeds, who praise others for good deeds. One of my favorite Facebook pages is Real Men are Kind to Animals. 

There are a number of blogs I follow that I discovered through my publisher, Mountain Springs House, both informational to help me improve my work and entertaining as I read work by fellow authors. 

One of the blogs I follow, and have followed ever since I tripped over it, is Best Sellers Lab. Jonathan Gunson is invariably upbeat and freely shares helpful information. There are several inspirational blogs that encourage me, such as the Real Woman Empowerment Project and My Rays of Light. Although their belief systems may differ from my own, they encourage and uplift others. Really helpful when I’m in a funk! 

Ruby Standing Deer, a wonderful writer who approaches the ancient Native American culture in a sensitive and spiritual manner, has a blog that is informational, entertaining and inspiring. Of course, she is not the only author I follow as a fan.  

There are so many blogs that I find interesting, inspiring and helpful that I could nearly fill a book with them! 

On my own blog, I strive to emulate these wonderful people. I want my blog to be helpful, entertaining and inspiring. Consequently, I post articles not only about writing, grammar, punctuation and word usage, but also about homicide procedure, where I get the colors I use for my character’s hair, how I find a character’s name and other writerly tidbits. 

Frequently, I post “interviews” with my characters, excerpts from my work, and short stories to give back to the folks who visit me. It’s simply a way of saying thank you to each one of them for taking time from their busy lives to stop by.  

And lastly, I try to keep my blog upbeat. There is enough gloom and doom in the world without me adding to it. That isn’t to say I’m doing the Pollyanna. I am a realist who writes of murder, mayhem, betrayal, death, and awful secrets. With a dose of sex thrown in when it is appropriate. 

My ultimate goal is to encourage my readers to come on over, sit down on that comfy recliner, sip a cup of fragrant coffee and chat with me. Let’s talk about books, and stories, and how these alternate realities come to be. Tell me what you liked about my last book or short story, what you wished had been different, whether or not it made you cry, and if you sighed as you turned the last page. 

My readers are important to me. They share a part of my life in a unique way. I am always grateful when they write to me, when they leave comments, when they share a part of their lives with me. So come on down. Let yourself in, if I’m not around, make yourself at home. It’s so great you’re here!  

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