Saturday, July 20, 2013

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What in the world is Allison doing writing on a Saturday? It's not her normal writing routine. I can hear you say as you read this blog today. I know, I know we have started a new series on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Don't worry what I have planned won't interrupt that nor my weekly Vlog on Sundays.

Today I've decided to accept the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge. 

Each day, for the next ten days, I will be given a prompt to write about then will post it on my blog. Today's prompt is........

       I am currently writing book one of  a historical fiction series titled The Secret Heritage.  The Secret Heritage is a more personal series for me than the Children of the Shawnee because it was inspired by events that happened in my family. The series follows Elsa Garrett’s life as she struggles to keep her family together throughout a wide variety of social disasters that are derived from her lover’s low functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. The names of the people involved have been changed and so have some of the circumstances. You can learn more about what inspired me to write Elsa two posts back. 
Book 1, titled Elsa, starts after Elsa and Franklin have dated for about a year. Elsa is sixteen years old and lives with her poverty stricken parents. Her boyfriend, Franklin Thaddeus Raymond, is an eighteen-year-old middle class inventor who has low functioning Asperger’s Syndrome. Franklin wants to propose but after he has a seizure all of his plans to propose to Elsa have come to a halt. He doesn’t know how to propose to her even though she wants to marry him. Worse yet, Ohio Law forbids anyone with epilepsy or mentally ill from marriage. 
Elsa must find a way to defend his rights to marry her. Just when she believes she has everything figured out a solution her plans are shattered by the death of her sister and her father retracting Franklin’s permission to marry her. With everyone against them how can Elsa and Franklin ever marry? 

The other challenge I will be participating in is the Indelibles Indie Life. Every second Wednesday of the month I will be posting something useful about being an independent writer. I have been writing independently for five years and all of my books are Amazon Bestsellers. I also own Mountain Springs House, a publishing company in Louisville, Kentucky. I enjoy helping authors. I want to give back to the literary community so other authors might have success with their books. 


  1. This sounds like a deep, meaningful love story. My teenage son is autistic, and I worry about his future in terms of developing a meaningful relationship. How terrible if the law where we live forbade people on the spectrum to marry! (I'm a 10 Day Blogger too!)

    1. That's a hard position to be in as a parent. My uncle has Aspergers and he has been married for over 30 years. My aunt is a warm and understanding woman.

  2. Really interesting theme going on there,especially from a historical perspective. It also has some potential humour in some of those situations, which I imagine would make it a very warm novel ultimately?

    Thanks for sharing your pitch, and I'm doing the Indie Life challenge also.

    1. Thanks Hunter. It seems to be coming along nicely. I haven't added much humor to it, yet.