Friday, July 26, 2013

The #Host and #HungerGames: The #books were great. The #movies, eh not so much.

Welcome back. I know you are expecting the Progressive Era America post to be here. But I am in the mist of playing catch up after taking the day off yesterday. This post will be my 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge post for today. The next one will have the Progressive Era posting you are looking for.

Hmmm, just two books? Really? Ok, ok, I'll chose just two books. I am that type of girl who can't watch a movie before I read a book. It just ruins if for me BUT I did just that a few months ago. I had picked up The Host by Stephanie Meyers when the movie came out and against my better judgement I went to see the movie first.

 I should have known better. Really, I should have. I started the book before we went to the movies but I wasn't far enough into it to really know the plot. 

Well the one reason it took me so long to get into the book is that the book is written in first person. I hate reading in first person because it doesn't dig deep enough into the characters' psyche for me. But, like The Hunger Games, I chewed through for awhile and then began to love it. 

It was ingenious of the author to have written in 1st person. It totally works for The Host because the conflict is in the head of the main character. I loved the way the author was able to distinguish Melanie and Wanda's personalities by using italics to differentiate between the two beings. Yet what impressed me more was the way, through the use of dialogue, she was able to bring out distinct personalities each with their own wants and needs. I can see how this book became a bestseller yet as for the movie I felt the story had too much internal conflicts to become a success. To me it had the same problem as The Hunger Games. Yet like The Hunger Games, Hollywood was able to pull it off by changing parts of the story. I still felt like you had to have read the book in order to understand both movies.  I am currently working my way through The Host.

Since I have already mentioned it I would have to say the other book that I recently and loved reading was The Hunger Games. I've read the entire series. I love to read serials instead of stand alone books. There's just something about reading alot of books about characters I have grown to love that interests me. I mainly picked up The Hunger Games because everyone was talking about. I wanted to know what all the hype was about. Like I mentioned before it took me awhile to get into it but when I did it proved to me a really good book. I love stories that have to do with the future. Not so much sci-fi but something about the near future. Hunger Games was great because it also hit home with me. My family was from the Appalachian Mountains. I live in Kentucky. The area Katniss was from was in my backyard. I could relate to her. But like, the Host, the movie left alot to be desired. 

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