Monday, September 2, 2013

#Artist of the Week - Bre Adrian

Welcome back to my blog.

This week I've decided to add a new topic to my blog. I've meet alot of wonderful new artists in Indianapolis. They have inspired me to spread the word about their artwork just as I do with authors. So each week I will try to spotlight an author on Sundays and a new artist on Mondays while maintaining my historical blogs on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Artist of the Week

My first artist of the week is Bre Adrian. I met Bre at the Indianapolis RAW event last month where I working as the assistant director for FilmSmith Productions. All of the pictures on my blog today were created by Bre.

Welcome to Inside the Secret World of Allison Bruning, Bre.

Thank you.

How long have you been creating?

If you wanna count me running around with my little yellow paint brush pretending to paint everything I saw: 9 months old is where it all began *that is my first memory actually*

Art seems to be at the under & overbelly of my life:  

I wanted to be a Children's book illustrator, to an art teacher, to a chef. I had planned on attending art school but felt a push to do more person centered work so went to school for psychology /religion.  Besides a couple of art courses and inspirational bursts, I have had a pretty lengthy dry spell until this last year in 2012. (Which is good because looking back on some of my pieces from high school…..not as good as I remember  ;] )

What is your creation process like?

I like to kind of think this reinvention of my artist self as an “Intuitive Driven/Inclusion of Misfits”
About 90% of my work and materials of this last year have been constructed of repurposed items & old art supplies I’ve had lying around, found, or that have been passed down to me.

As one of my dear mentor artist friends likes to says: “Use the Canvas as your Recycle Bin”  I just take it a little step further, cause my canvas should be in the recycle bin too & as dangerous as it may be, I tend to over load my bins!

What inspires you?

I like to say, “There is no scarcity of inspiration”: I believe, every occurrence in life is a message to ourselves to help us personally grow,  & to open up & set us on fire in someway.

My work is currently about playing around with my intuition…. So its kind of about working backwards” – as we artist do….. SO I gather what materials are in my realm, create & then I am usually am able to interpret the deeper meaning and reasoning behind the construction after…  “oh that is why I choose yellow there…& that is why my face is looking down…. Etc…”

What do you want us to know about your work?

I consider my work therapy for myself and my portion of creation: therefore where there are needs, my art is going to CONTINUALLY change face as I question  What of this is depleting; what of this is life giving…?as I peel back these layers towards what I find as the better path for myself and greater existence.

What are your aspirations?

Currently my art is a by product of the General Aspirations of my life; which are for my spiritual and personal maturation & the hope to help others in that quest too. These Growth messages woven into or discovered within my pieces,  I hope to be able to share others who are interested….

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hah, you guys don’t know me very well yet, do you ;]

I have some Gypsy blood in my somewhere!
 -- Planning is not always my fortay

I have a couple of themes stewing in me for my next projects, series, & very individually/sentimentally tailored themes for commission work, but

I follow where I feel I need to serve my true self and others & I believe that
creativity takes no direct form. Next it could be the art of tending to the needs of the dying, growing a food Forrest, or writing letters to my grandma.. .probably should work on the art of cleaning my room too :] 

In the words of Bre Adrian
I've been playing with the visual arts as far back as I remember - literally; one of my first memories is of me with a paintbrush.

The arts remained a major part of my creative expression throughout high school, until my calling towards person-centered work took me towards the academic facet -- college!!

As most twenty-somethings in study do, I began to reflect on how to save my portion of the world --loving humanity, the nebulous I call God, and the planet--through conjuring reflection and simplicity (verse the materialistic wise of the west). And I began to construct a conviction, that the arts, at times, created more waste in our ever increasing disposable culture.

Shhh..I neglected to heed Confucius when he stated,
"[the arts] stimulate the mind...induce self-contemplation...teach the art of restrain resentment."

My tension then: How to balance no longer living by the letter of consumption, while still practicing the divine nature of being human -- Creating.

Cultivation of the soul, I have found, stands to be the most important venture in the human reality, for the benefit of all being and non-beings' thriving, no matter what face cultivating takes for the individual. 

My artwork, here and hereafter, is dedicated to both standards:spiritual fertility andinclusion of the excludedFor without incorporating the neglected-- material & emotional-- personal actualization staggers in opportunities for attainment. 

My medium[re]purposed materials(waste formally misplaced), art supplies passed down, art supplies I have neglected to utilize myself, and as few store purchased items as possible, (only when to create a more proficient finish, so it does not so readily become knighted 'waste' again). 
* What & how I will end up creating when those materials decrease should be exciting! *
Thank you guys for your love!
All of mine to you! 

You can learn more about Bre Adrian and her artwork on her website:
There you can see her portfolio and a huge amalgam of her interests!

She can also be found on Facebook under Bre A. Domescik


  1. Wow, she has a very old soul. Such intellectual value in such a young package. Her Excitement for life bestows great promise.

  2. Such a great feature - So darn proud of the woman that my little girl has become. She's always had many talents (creating, writing, cooking, painting etc) just getting Bre to believe she had them was the trick. Thank you Allison for including Bre in your great site. I will enjoy keeping up with your other features in the future.