Saturday, November 9, 2013

#ISWG: Perfectionism - A Killer For #NaNoWriMo

This just in!

Another manuscript has been murdered.

The killer has been identified and is still at large. 

So you have survived your first week of National Novel Writing Month. Usually by this time of the writing season I am on target with my word count but since I have returned to the classroom I am way behind.

If your new to NaNoWriMo you may have noticed all the other participants posting their daily word counts on Facebook or Twitter. You may have even discovered the monthly calendar that tells you how many words you should have accumulated by the end of the that day. But these tools can lead an author straight towards the murder - perfectionism. 

When an author worries too much about their daily word count instead of staying on track with their outline the outcome is more likely than not the death of their manuscript. Don't let this happen. If you are behind, don't worry. You'll catch up sooner or later. Tell perfectionism goodbye and keep on writing. Your novel will thank you for it later. 


  1. With NaNoWriMo there is a time to say damn the torpedoes full steam ahead. Grammar and punctuation went right out the window last year for me. In the end the manuscript really isn't that bad.

    1. That's what the editing phase is for. Once I had let go of my perfectionism my manuscript turned out better than I had thought it would.