Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cover Reveal: Kathleen's Revenge

Born into poverty by parents who once ruled over Kilmore, Kathleen McGillpatrick never longed for an affluent life just a peaceful one. Death and destruction follow her as her brother, Bailey McGillpatrick, leads a group of Irish rebels to depose Earl  Isaac Turner and reclaim his birthright as heir of Kilmore. Kathleen's chance encounter with Earl Isaac Turner gives Bailey an idea.  Since the English, Anglican, Earl Turner is so smitten by the Catholic, Irish woman, Kathleen should seduce him and reclaim the estate through marriage. There's only one problem, Kathleen loves Isaac and despises Bailey. Torn between her love for the English Lord and her family loyalty, Kathleen must chose to honor one or the other and stop Bailey before he destroys everything. 

Coming soon via Mountain Springs House!

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