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@DeepakChopra Revolutionizes the World with His New Online Program #aging #healing #medicine

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He's Changing the World AGAIN!

     I was recently asked by to give a review on their latest program written by Deepak Chopra. I was very honored to be selected to preview the program and give a review. I was even invited to meet Deepak Chopra in an online webinar just for the reviewers of his program. My husband and I have followed this genius healer for sometime now. I had so many great things to say about his new program I couldn't place it just one blog. I tried to highlight the parts that spoke to me the most. I would highly encourage you to check out his new program.

      Deepak Chopra has been inspiring and educating people worldwide with his alternative approach to overall wellbeing for over twenty years. His latest online program, Timeless You: The Biology of Youth & Wisdom of Experience challenges the participant to view aging from a different viewpoint in a way he has never done before.  Chopra’s program is an interactive online educational journey that you can progress through at your own pace. It includes videos, audio clips and more.  The program is simply to use and includes handouts you can print to remind you of key lessons you have learned.
Deepak Chopra opens his program with the argument we have been conditioned to believe aging means that will have a progressive decline. He further explains that this belief is a learned response to the conditioning that we first received as children. As an educator, with a background in cultural anthropology, the message Deepak Chopra teaches makes sense. Cultural groups throughout the world condition their population to believe and act in a way that identifies them as one of their own. Education is after all just a system a cultural group utilizes so their children will learn how their society wants then to conduct their daily lives and what to believe. Whenever someone goes against the established system that society will often consider him or her to be an outcast. That outcast gathers more supporters and eventually the outcast’s group changes the “normal” perception of how their society views a certain topic. Chopra introduces participates to the concept of Ayurveda which states what you see is what you become. Our perceptions of age, time and body must change if we are to reverse our aging process.
The participant is lead through a series of steps that help him or her to change the way they perceive aging and time. I enjoyed the activities in these sections and it really made me think about how I perceive my own life. I especially was drawn to the part of how we perceive our age.  My husband is thirteen years old than I am. For much of my marriage I tended to think like someone his age instead of my own because we normally associated with people around his age. So although I am only in my thirties most of the time I felt like I was in my late forties/early fifties. My body responded with those thoughts with a decline in health that would have normally been seen in a woman around that age not someone in her thirties! I have only recently begun to change my thinking back to my own chronological age and I have seen a dramatic difference.
I was also drawn to the section on how we perceive our overall body’s health affects the aging process. Chopra taught if we perceive our body decaying, as we grow older then it would. I have had many health problems in my life and continue to struggle on a daily basis with a variety of health concerns. I have found when I am so focused on how bad I feel my body feels worse. A few years ago I learned a new affirmation that I try to repeat whenever I feel negative thoughts or things go wrong. I tell myself I am healthy, wealthy and wise. Once I believed the words I was saying my thoughts become more positive and my overall health increases.
The mind and the body are connected. Our bodies are constantly changing throughout our lives. You don’t have to be defined by a hereditary condition. You can change your life for the better by changing the way you think and feel. I thoroughly enjoyed the section on how emotions affect the aging process. I have felt the affects of negative thinking habits on my body. When I began to change my thinking habits into a more positives ones my health become better. Negative thoughts have no place in your mind if you want to live a long, healthy life.
I highly recommend Deepak Chopra’s Timeless You: The Biology of Youth & Wisdom of Experience for anyone who wants to age gracefully. You don’t want to miss this online program on There is so many wonderful things to say about this online program I could write an entire book about it! Deepak Chopra’s online program will be available on starting January 31, 2014 at 

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