Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#FREE Books for #Valentine's Day


I am so excited! Love is in there air and you have a chance to win either a copy of either Elsa, Calico or Reflections. The contest runs from Feb. 1 - 13. Winners will be announced on Feb. 14.

So how do you enter?

Each day I will start a short story with a character from one of my books. You will add to the story in the comments section. Be sure to read the story and any comments then add to the story. By the end of the day we would have created a new story. 

*Stories will not be published and will only appear on this blog*

Anyone who adds to the story in the comments section will automatically be entered in the contest. Be sure to check this blog daily. You may enter the contest more than once. Winners will be announced on Feb. 14th. 

Here are the books you could win. 

In the harsh northwestern frontier of Ohio and Kentucky, a prophecy has been told. A man whose heart appears pure shall deceive her. The power he holds over her will lead her to evil. She shall denounce the ways of Our Grandmother. Another man comes, whose pure heart beats for her alone, and who has a pure spirit devoted to the goddess, Our Grandmother. He shall defeat the evil and set her free. 

Calico Marie Turner, a white woman raised by the Shawnee and destined to become a great medicine woman, must trust the one man who hates her the most. How can she trust Chief Little Owl Quick as the Wind to save her from his best friend and village shaman, Hunting Bear?

All Elsa Garrett wants in life is to be Franklin’s wife. He’s asked her father for her hand and knows he has permission to ask her. Yet when and how would her boyfriend with Aspergers Syndrome ask the question? 

When Franklin has a diabetic seizure all hope seems lost once Elsa learns Franklin can no longer marry her due to an obscure law in Ohio relating to his seizure. With the help of Franklin’s parents, Elsa has a plan. But will it work? 

Lost in a society that doesn’t understand Franklin or why she would ever choose to be with him, Elsa comes face to face with death, destruction, and misfortune as she tries to clear her boyfriend’s name. With each step towards progress Elsa falls two steps behind. One simple task shifts her entire life towards a direction she could have never imagined. Alone, pregnant, and without her Franklin, is despair all she has to look forward to in her new life, or will fate finally bring them together? 

The waters of time never lie. Wisdom drifts down through the ages for all who dare to listen. History teaches us through honesty. Are you bold enough to hear the truth? 
Reflections: Poems and Essays wraps you in the untold stories of the past. Sit next to the waters of time and listen to the wisdom of the past. What if John Wilkes Booth hadn't been killed at Garret's barn? Who are the Shawnee? Why did the Cherokee accise Sequoyah of witchcraft? These stories and more await you within this inspiring book.


  1. That sounds like fun. Does it have to make sense? Because another blogger buddy used to do this and we were encouraged to go wacky with it.
    Glad you are on board for the Challenge!
    New follower.

    1. Thanks! It doesn't have to make sense. I promote any creative endeavor as long as it's not erotica or abusive in some way.