Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CONTEST!!! #summer #love.


Savannah always hated summer because it was that time of the year where she was expected to help her grandparents on the farm. But this year was different. This year she meet Chandler. Chandler made everyday on the farm a joy. Last night, the farm hand asked her out on a date. 

The door bell rang and Savannah raced down the stairs in her new sundress. 

Now it's your turn................

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  1. She excitedly flung open the door to find the handsome young man standing before her. Chandler wore a black pair of jeans, his snakeskin cowboy boots, a red plaid shirt, and his prized charcoal Stetson. He flashed a smile at The pretty young girl and spoke in a deep sexy voice. "You ready, little lady?"