Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Express Yourself: What does #StarTrek and #GameofThrones have in common? #writing #movies #bestseller

Express Yourself Blog Hop
"Allison Bruning in Lights"

I'm a late comer to this weekly blog hop. I ran across this blog hop from one of the blogs I visited upon this morning from a blog I was reading on Bloglovin' this morning. I fell in love with the idea. As an author and screenwriter I want my readers to know more about me and I love getting to know other writers. I decided to sign up for the weekly blog hop.

This week I was asked "If you could be in any movie or TV show, as yourself, what would you chose, and what could you bring to the table?" Wow, that's a hard question to answer. I'm so use of creating the stories or working behind the scenes. When I was younger I use to dream that I was Commander Riker's long lost sister on Star Trek:TNG. I even wrote a short story in Middle School with the plot line that evolved in High School to a screenplay. I was obsessed. LOL! In fact, I'm glad I was because that storyline has become the building blocks for a Sci-Fi series I am working on called Mystique.

But which show would I be on now? I would have to answer Game of Thrones. I would be one of Daenerys' best friends and top advisors. What can I say? I'm a sucker for dragons. I would be a great advisor to the queen. I'm smart. I would be loyal to her and offer her wise advice. The road to the throne can be hard for any woman but there is great treasures to be gleaned in any journey that you struggle with.

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  1. I have yet to watch Game of Thrones. I know. I know. What am I waiting for?! But I do plan on catching up on it on Netflix soon! I've heard nothing but great things about it.