Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love in Early 20th Century Marion, #Ohio. #CONTEST Valentine'sDay #kindle #author


Today's the first day of my Valentine's Day contest. The contest is simple enough and runs through February 13th. I'll announce the winners on the 14th. You could win a copy of Elsa, Calico or Reflections. Each day I will start a story and the first person who comments will continue the story. The next person reads the story and the comment then adds to the story in the comments section. Participants are automatically entered into the drawing for one of the books. You have 13 chances to enter the contest because you can participate each day. Sounds fun?

Our first story romantic couple are Franklin and Elsa. Here's a brief synopsis of the book. 

All Elsa Garrett wants in life is to be Franklin’s wife. He’s asked her father for her hand and knows he has permission to ask her. Yet when and how would her boyfriend with Aspergers Syndrome ask the question? 

When Franklin has a diabetic seizure all hope seems lost once Elsa learns Franklin can no longer marry her due to an obscure law in Ohio relating to his seizure. With the help of Franklin’s parents, Elsa has a plan. But will it work? 

Lost in a society that doesn’t understand Franklin or why she would ever choose to be with him, Elsa comes face to face with death, destruction, and misfortune as she tries to clear her boyfriend’s name. With each step towards progress Elsa falls two steps behind. One simple task shifts her entire life towards a direction she could have never imagined. Alone, pregnant, and without her Franklin, is despair all she has to look forward to in her new life, or will fate finally bring them together? 

Have fun and don't worry about how weird the story becomes. Be creative! I can't wait to see what you come up with. 


The big day had finally arrived. Elsa twirled in her new yellow dress. She pressed the folds of her skirt, peered into the full length mirror, grabbed her locket and made sure everything was perfect. Her body was the perfect S figure. Her hair was neatly pinned back in a bun and she had the new earrings that Franklin had bought her yesterday at the store. Everything was perfect. She walked to their upstairs bedroom door, opened it and....................

Now it's your turn. 

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  1. waited. No one was there. She'd wanted some confirmation, someone to agree that she looked as right as she thought she did. But all she heard was the silence of an empty room--sighing curtains, carpet whispering its reply to her uncertain footsteps, and Franklin's voice in her memory: "S-shaped ear-rings, S-shaped hair, S-shaped figure." She wanted to be more than just a letter S. But what's wrong with "superlative"?