Monday, February 3, 2014

#Love is in the air: The weird date

Win a copy of one of my books. All you have to do is read this prompt then continue the story in the comments below. If you're not the first person to post be sure to read the comments and build your story off of the last comment. 

Amanda sat across from her date with a strange feeling the man before her wasn't from around here. She poked at her food, looked up at the handsome man then asked.................

Now it's your turn.


  1. "Did you get your hair cut like that on purpose?" She wasn't usually quite so blunt, but their conversation had been stilted and awkward for the past five minutes. Something needed to shake things up or else she was going to...

  2. ...die of complete and utter boredom. Albeit attractive, the man seemed to have no social skills whatsoever. He spent the meal making patterns out of the white, blue, and pink sugar packets on the table between them. Amanda sighed, clearly annoyed. His sexy brown eyes were focused on...