Friday, February 7, 2014

#VALENTINE'S DAY CONTEST: Win a #free book.


Do you want to win a free copy of Calico, Elsa or Reflections? All you have to do is read the post and comment below to be automatically entered. Each day I will post a new story or a question. Just add to the story or answer the question in the comment section. Come back each day to see what is new. The contest will run until Feb. 13. Winners are announced on Valentine's Day. 
Good Luck!

If you could go anywhere and in any time to meet the man or woman of your dreams where would you go?

Who would you date and what would the two of you do?

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  1. Without a doubt I would go back to the late 13th century to meet Perotin. He was the composer whose work laid the foundation for functional tonal tertian harmony. I have no idea what he looked like but I imagine him to be about five foot seven, a little overweight, with dark eyes and longer dark hair. I would love to meet him and learn from him and watch him as he composes Sederunt Principes. (In fact, one of my novel ideas that I plan to write is this story.) I would teach him what I know about music today and we would fall for one another because of the music we have in common.